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Seaver Exam Proctoring Form

Seaver College students with approved exam accommodations will need to complete an Exam Proctoring Form each semester for each class in which they are enrolled. In to give our office time to provide accommodations, we ask that students complete this form at least two weeks before their first exam date and provide all exam dates (including the final) for the semester. 

Please follow the instructions below and call (310-506-6500) or stop by the office (Tyler Campus Center 264) with any questions. 

  1. Go to the Student Exam Proctoring Form. Please check the title of the form to confirm it is for the correct term (i.e. Spring 2017). 
  2. Consult your syllabus for each class to find quiz and exam dates. 
  3. Find your accommodations at Wavenet > Academic Resources > Accommodate Student > Accommodate tab > Accessibility Request. 
  4. Complete the Google Form at the above link. 
  5. Press Submit. You will receive an email from Google with a copy of the form. Our office will then reach out to your professors two weeks before each exam will take place. 
  6. Let us know if there are any changes to your quiz or exam schedule by email

Please note: our office will send you two calendar invites to notify you that we have received your request. The first, whose title will end with "Pending", will notify you that we have received the request and we will contact your professor. The second invitation, whose title will end with "Confirmed", signifies that your exam has been scheduled and confirmed with our office.