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Facilities Fees and Fines


A fine may be assessed to all residents of a given suite, residence hall, room, or apartment if University housekeeping staff must clean an excessively dirty public or private living area or if the housekeeping staff is not able to perform standard cleaning. Public lounge areas are designed for the comfort of all residents and should not be used for storage.

Clogged Toilets and/or Sinks

Residents who clog sinks or toilets due to improper use will be fined. Food waste, feminine products, and personal wipes are not permitted in the sinks or toilets.

Closet Door Removal

Closet doors are to remain hanging in living areas where they are installed. Residents will be fined for removing closet doors.


HRL staff will inspect each residence hall and apartment regularly and at checkout time each semester. Facility conditions will be recorded and damage charges will be assessed in accordance with University policies. In addition to other improper checkout charges, painting fines and other charges may also be incurred. Charges vary according to individual circumstances.


Anyone found responsible for relocating furniture at any time will be fined $50 for each occurrence. This applies throughout the contracted residency as well as during post-checkout inspection.

Improper Checkout

Residents must follow specific procedures when officially checking out of a room. This information is widely distributed at checkout times and should be read carefully. HRL staff is available to answer any questions that may arise during this time. Students will be charged for leaving at unscheduled times, failing to attend the CLOM (Community Life Orientation Meeting), not signing paperwork, or failing to return room keys. Fines range from $25-$200.

Improper Facilities Use

Students are not allowed on the roof of any building. A minimum fine of $100 will be assessed to each student present, and residents will be responsible for any damage that may have occurred as a result of their presence on the roof. The same restrictions and fines apply to attics and crawl spaces. Using a window as a door is strictly prohibited and will result in a $25 fine for each incident. Fines for improper facilities use range from $25-$200.

Late Checkout

Residents will be required to make checkout appointments with their Resident Advisors and will be charged if they check out later than their scheduled time and/or date. The fine for late checkouts is $50 per hour.


Residents receive one free lockout assistance for the academic year, regardless of when the lockout occurs. The second lockout will result in a $5 access fee, and the third lockout will result in a $10 fee. The fee will double for successive lockouts. If the student's access card becomes inactive or "times out," then the student will not be charged a lockout fee, but will be expected to have his/her access card updated as soon as possible. If a student does not return a temporary access card within the allotted time assigned by the HRL staff, the student will be charged $35 for the lost temporary key in addition to the appropriate lockout fee.


Residents who leave their belongings in a room past their designated checkout time will be assessed a fine. Abandoned items will be disposed of or donated. If prior arrangements have been made with the HRL, the resident will be responsible for any charges associated with packing and shipping. The University is not responsible for any damaged or lost belongings.


Residents are fined for a single disruptive noise incident or for repeated disregard for the quiet hours policy. Repeat offenders will be fined a minimum of $25 for each occurrence and face disciplinary sanctions up to and including the loss of housing privileges.

Room Change

Any resident who changes rooms without approval from the HRL Office will be fined.

Roommate Preparation

When receiving a roommate or when checking out, a current resident is expected to adequately prepare by cleaning/clearing the designated roommate space. Failure to prepare for a roommate will result in a $100 fine.


Residents who do not have all screens properly placed in their windows will be assessed an average of $55 per screen. (The total cost is dependent on quote for parts and labor provided by the Department of Facilities Services.)

Television Equipment

Residents will be assessed a charge to their student account if the living or common room television box, television remote, or television cords go missing. The cost for the television box is $75, the television remote, and television cords are $25 each.


Residents are responsible for trash in the community. Residents in suite-style halls must dispose of trash in the waste baskets provided or the dumpsters. Residents living in the apartments are responsible for walking all trash to the dumpsters. Setting bags of trash in the hallways or allowing trash to build up in the room, which attracts rodents, causes abrasive smells and damage to the carpets and flooring, may result in fines.