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Standard Sanctions

Standard sanctions are consistent University responses to specific violations of the Code of Conduct. Although sanctions are not assigned until a student's case is heard, these sanctions constitute the minimum consequences a student can expect. We hope that prior notice of these standard sanctions will encourage students to avoid behaviors that lead to serious consequences.
Standard sanctions apply only to those offenses described on the following table. Other types of incidents are handled on a case-by-case basis.
Standard sanctions do not apply when:

  1. a student engages in multiple violations in a single incident;
  2. a student has a disciplinary history, regardless of whether past violations are related to the current violation;
  3. an incident presents unusually serious circumstances, risks to persons or property, or other complex concerns.

In these situations, the appropriate sanctions are determined on a case-by-case basis in light of all the circumstances. Generally, these situations result in sanctions in excess of the standard sanction.

The standard sanctions are rarely reduced. However, the presence of substantial mitigating or other appropriate circumstances may result in the reduction of a standard sanction.

Table of Standard Sanctions

Category First Violation Second Violation Third Violation


Warning; or University probation if visitation
occurs significantly over visitation time or evidence
that person of opposite gender has spent the night.

University probation or
removal from residential
community or suspension
Removal from residential
community or suspension

Consumption or possession of
alcoholic beverages or possession
of empty containers of alcohol on campus

University probation, alcohol assessment and
education programs
Suspension To Be Determined (TBD)
Underage consumption of alcohol
(on or off campus)
University probation, alcohol assessment
and education programs
Suspension TBD
(on or off campus)
University probation, alcohol assessment
and education programs
Suspension TBD
Driving a motor vehicle while
under the influence of alcohol or
a controlled substance
(on or off campus)
Suspension, completion of alcohol/drug
assessment and/or education programs;
possible dismissal
Dismissal N/A
Attempt to obtain, use, or possess
other illegal drugs, or
drug paraphernalia

(on or off campus)
Suspension, drug assessment and education
programs and reflective paper on drug abuse