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Administrative Hearings

When the alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct is of a less serious nature and the misconduct would not result in suspension, expulsion, or dismissal, a student may be notified to attend an administrative hearing with a University staff member (normally the associate dean or a resident director) to discuss the incident and any steps that must be taken or sanction imposed to resolve the matter. Before the administrative hearing, the student will be sent a notification letter briefly summarizing the behavior that allegedly violates the Student Code of Conduct, along with the date and time of the hearing. The administrative hearing will be followed by an official letter summarizing the decision.

Sanctions imposed as a result of an administrative hearing cannot be appealed. Sanctions imposed by the Student Disciplinary Committee may be appealed; therefore, students who are summoned to an administrative hearing may request instead to meet with the Student Disciplinary Committee if they want an appeal option.