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Disciplinary Records

Other than University dismissal or permanent withholding of a degree, disciplinary sanctions will not be made part of the student's permanent academic record, but will become part of the student's disciplinary record. Cases involving the imposition of sanctions other than University expulsion or dismissal or withholding of a degree will be expunged from the student's record seven years after graduation.

If a Pepperdine student is under the age of 21, the University may disclose to a parent or legal guardian of the student information regarding any violation of any Federal, State, or local law, or any rule or policy of the University governing the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance, regardless of whether that information is contained in the student's educational records.

Federal law permits the release of information from a student's records to his or her parents if the student is a dependent for federal income tax purposes unless the student has submitted credible evidence of non-dependency. Parents requesting information may be granted access upon submission to the University of a signed statement or other evidence of Federal Income Tax Dependency. Therefore, the University may, in its sole discretion, disclose personally identifiable information to parents who claim a student as a federal income tax dependent. In implementing this discretionary policy, it shall be the University's objective to safeguard the privacy of students while recognizing the supporting parents' legitimate needs for information about their tax dependent son's or daughter's behavior.

Furthermore, the University may disclose the final results of a disciplinary proceeding conducted by the University against a student who is an alleged perpetrator of any crime of violence, or a non-forcible sex offense (including, but not limited to, incest; or statutory rape, which in California is defined as engaging in sexual intercourse with an individual under 18 years old who was not the defendant's spouse at the time of the intercourse), if the institution determines as a result of that disciplinary proceeding that the student committed a violation of the University's rules or policies with respect to such crime or offense.

The disclosure of the final results include only the name of the student, the violation committed (i.e., the University rule or policy that was violated and any essential findings supporting the University's conclusion that the violation was committed), and any sanction imposed by the University against the student (i.e., a description of the disciplinary action taken, the date of its imposition and its duration). The University also may disclose the final results before all internal reviews and appeals have been exhausted. The name of any other student, including a victim or witness, may not be disclosed without the prior written consent of that other student.

The final results of a disciplinary proceeding may be disclosed to the victim regardless of whether the University concluded that the alleged perpetrator committed a violation of a University rule or policy. The final results of a disciplinary proceeding may be disclosed to the public when a student is alleged to have been a perpetrator of a crime of violence or non-forcible sex offense, and actually committed a violation of the University's rules or policies with respect to that allegation. See the Student Records Policy for additional information.