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The University reserves the right to search a student's room and/or possessions if: (1) there is reasonable suspicion of a violation of a law or University rule or regulation; or (2) there is reasonable suspicion that such a search is necessary to protect and preserve the health and safety of persons or property. Any materials found may be used in a disciplinary hearing, a court of law, or both. Upon determination of a reasonable need, the search may be conducted by HRL staff (including the RA), Department of Public Safety, or other authorized University official. In most cases items that have been confiscated will not be returned to the resident. Additionally, under certain circumstances, vehicles on campus may be accessed and the contents inventoried. These circumstances include but are not limited to: vehicle impound or relocation; retrieval of University property; vehicles containing a lost, stolen, fraudulent, or altered permit; using another person's permit; or vehicle is involved in suspicious or criminal activity.