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Reporting a Threat

While shootings and acts of violence in schools are rare episodes, when they occur, they are often devastating. As an institution of higher learning, it is important for Pepperdine to view these types of incidents with the appropriate perspective. Since 1966, there have been about 100 shooting deaths at U.S. universities and college campuses; Virginia Tech was the largest. Compare that to the approximately 1,100 that commit suicide on college and university campuses every year, or the approximately 1,800 alcohol-related deaths on college and university campuses each year.

Despite shootings on campuses being rare, we as a community must be vigilant and prepared. It is important to note a few facts about these types of shootings. The Secret Service, the FBI, and other law enforcement experts have studied major shooting incidents that have taken place at schools (elementary through college) and have found remarkable similarity in them. First, almost all of the individuals who committed these crimes have been male, and were known for being isolated socially. Almost all of them planned out their actions in advance, and over three quarters of them actually shared their plans with others before putting them into effect. Unfortunately, in only two cases did anyone report the plan to authorities before the attack. With these facts in mind, it is critically important that members of our community report threats and potential threats in a timely manner.

If you believe an individual poses an imminent threat to a member or members of the University community, please call 911 and contact our Department of Public Safety immediately. This includes anonymous, cryptic, or direct threats posted on social media. If you do not believe that harm is imminent, but an individual's behavior seems threatening or seems like it could lead to harm to the individual or to the community, please report the concern immediately to the Department of Public Safety, Human Resources, or a dean's office. In the event you would like to submit a report during non-business hours, the Department of Public Safety is open every day, 24 hours a day. It is always better to err on the side of notifying the appropriate individuals than to remain silent. The University has resources with which to assess these situations and the individual of concern. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Safety.

For convenience, contact information appears below (area code 310):

Department of Public Safety – (Emergency Number) 506.4441

Department of Public Safety – (Non-Emergency Number) 506.4442

Seaver College Dean's Office506.4280

School of Law Dean's Office506.4621

GSBM Dean's Office506.5689

GSEP Dean's Office506.5615

SPP Dean's Office506.7490

Human Resources506.4397

Vice President for Student Life506.4472