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Pepperdine Volunteer Center


Thank you for your interest in applying for a PVC leadership position. Please fill out the application below and submit it by Friday, March 8, 2013. In addition to the application, please turn in a completed recommendation form from a professor, staff member or employer.

Please have the recommender mail the form to the Pepperdine Volunteer Center attention: Peter Thompson OR bring the form in to the Volunteer Center in a sealed envelope with the back flap signed.

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Leadership Positions Available
Please indicate, by checking the boxes below, for which position(s) you are applying. You may select more than one position. If you select Program Coordinator, please be sure to also indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice programs to lead.
Program Coordinator
Recruits, manages, advertises, and leads volunteers in an ongoing service program. Provides leadership to volunteers in developing their understanding of social justice issues. Works 5-7 hours per week in the PVC, which includes specific office related tasks. This position often requires evening and weekend time commitments. Please indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices from the following list of programs.
  • America Reads: Coordinate the placement of volunteers in local K-5 classrooms to aid teachers in literacy related activities and tutoring.
  • Boys & Girls Club of Malibu: Mentor children ages 8-17 by assisting with homework in various subjects, in addition to spending meaningful time with them through art projects, games, and recreation.
  • Camp David Gonzales: Mentor and tutor teen boys in the classrooms at Camp David Gonzales School. Volunteers will act as teachers' aids, subject tutors, and consistent positive role models. The program coordinator will also be responsible for co-coordinating the Step Up Employment Training Program.
  • Camp Kilpatrick/Camp Miller: Mentor and tutor teen boys in a minimum security juvenile facility in Malibu. The program coordinator will co-coordinate the Step Up Employment Training Program.
  • Children's Nature Institute: Partner with Children's Nature Institute and lead volunteers to assist with a variety of nature-focused educational experiences for Los Angeles children such as hikes and beach trips. This role will also have room for partnerships with other environmental-stewardship organizations in the community.
  • FOOD Share: Sort, package, distribute or cultivate (farm) food used to feed the hungry in at FOOD Share, Ventura County'ational activities.
  • Language Connection: Equip Spanish-speakers at the Malibu Labor Exchange with basic English conversation skills (must be conversant in Spanish).
  • Missions on Skid Row: Organize trips to both the LA Mission and Midnight Mission for volunteers to serve meals to some of the 80,000 homeless individuals living in LA.
  • School on Wheels: Organize opportunities for volunteers to tutor homeless children in downtown LA with their homework and reading. You will also have the chance to work one-on-one with children whose homelessness prevents them from having the academic stability need.
  • Senior Connection: Regularly visit, build relationships and plan activities like dances, games, and stories with senior citizens at Wise Adult Day Center in Santa Monica.
  • The Kingdom Center: A "Christ Centered Transitional Living Center" that helps low-income and homeless families by providing food, shelter, spiritual care, and recovery resources in Ventura. The program coordinator will lead volunteers in supporting several of the programs for families.
  • Transitions: Partner with Malibu High School students in the Transition Program (ages 18-22) who have moderate to severe disabilities to learn new academic, life, and social skills through spending time with their same-age peers at Pepperdine. The program coordinator will help volunteers learn how to work with and mentor students with disabilities and learning challenges.
  • United Friends: Organize regular visits to a Westlake Village home for adults living with Cerebral Palsy and build friendships while bettering lives.

Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3

Jumpstart Team Leader (15 positions available)
Team Leaders develop a high-quality program at a designated pre-school site through team recruitment, site organization, training and modeling, and the necessary administrative tasks of the site, including record keeping and reporting. Jumpstart Corps member experience required.
Jumpstart Administrative Coordinator (1 position available)
Assist with Jumpstart administrative duties including but not limited to entering students' timesheets, auditing and maintaining student files, and fulfilling requests by the Jumpstart's regional office.
Jumpstart Community Involvement Ambassador (1 position available)
Further enhance the services provided by Jumpstart by designing and implementing resources for Jumpstart families and preschools and assisting Jumpstart teams with family involvement efforts. Conduct research through surveys and meetings to obtain preschool and family feedback and provide one additional resource or service to Jumpstart's preschool partners. Must be conversant in Spanish.
Special Events Coordinator (2 positions available)
Design and implement one-time service opportunities including Step Forward Day, Red Cross Blood Drive, AIDS Walk L.A., Salvation Army Shopping Spree, Santa Run Gift Drive and others. In collaboration with other groups on campus, design and implement a program for the Week of Hunger and Homelessness and the Week of Peace, Hope and Justice.
Project Serve Coordinator (2 positions available)
Organize Pepperdine's Spring Break service trips, which entails site coordination, team leader selection and training, team member selection, setting budgets, leading fundraising initiatives, etc.
Service Learning Advocate (2 positions available)
Assist and partner with faculty members engaged in Service-Learning to provide logistical support in course development and implementation. Build partnerships between classes and community partners, lead and model reflection, and support professors who wish to develop a commitment to social justice in their classes.
Development Intern (1 position available)
Plan, coordinate and implement two education and awareness weeks, The Week of Hunger and Homelessness and The Week of Peace, Hope and Justice. Continue to work behind the scenes to support the fundraising and development needs of PVC programs (i.e. Jumpstart and Project Serve).

Tell Us ...
1. Why are you applying for a leadership position in the PVC, specifically your first choice position?
2. What volunteer experience do you have? Describe an experience related to serving others that has had a significant impact on you.
3. What unique skills and experience do you have that would qualify you for this position?
4. In your own words, please describe how service and social justice are related to Pepperdine's mission that, "knowledge calls ultimately for a life of service."
5. Please tell us about your faith journey and how service has been a part of it.
6. Name of the professor, staff member or employer who will be recommending you.