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Advocacy Opportunities

School on Wheels Step Forward Day 2013 - Pepperdine University

The Volunteer Center exists to connect students with meaningful service opportunities and to affect change in communities locally and globally by partnering with non-profit organizations and community partners, .

Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe we not only have to serve the community physically, but also through our everyday actions like where we spend our money and how it inherently serves our community. Using ethical business or private sector approaches to create or expand market oriented responses to social or environmental problems, we want to play a part in building systemic justice and that happens in every small thing we do. Here, we will have opportunities that show the importance of social entrepreneurship and corporate and social responsibility. Click here for opportunities

Policy and Governance 

Participating in political processes, policymaking, and public governance, the Volunteer Center identifies that sustainable change also happens on the political level. Opportunities regarding policy and governance will also be posted here