Project Serve

Project Serve began with Pepperdine's first spring break in 1996. Since then, teams of students have used their break to serve across the U.S. and internationally. The purpose of Project Serve is provide students with opportunities to prepare and learn about service away from home in order to equip them with skills to come back and serve their local communities.

The Project Serve 2015 teams returned on March 7. See some of the photos and reflections here.

Project Serve is a unique opportunity

The Project Serve partner organizations are experts in their respective fields. Students have the unique opportunity to serve alongside these experts, learn about the needs of different communities, and engage in questions of equity both in the United States and abroad. The Volunteer Center's goal is to send out students who are willing to gain new skills and understanding of different cultures in order to bring it back home. Should you choose to serve with Project Serve, your spring break will be a different kind of vacation, a vacation of service, growth, relationships, and memorable experiences.

Project Serve teams spend time preparing

All our teams are composed of and led by students. Every team member plays a crucial role in the success of the project. Team members must be willing and able to operate in diverse environments, as well as actively contribute to their teams in the months leading up to the trip. More than any other qualification that we look for in applicants is a commitment to their team, to learning, and to working hard. In order to make sure you are ready, each participant will commit to 3 team meetings in the fall, 3 meetings before spring break, and 3 after teams return from spring break.

Team Leaders are required to participate in an academic course in the spring that focuses on developing leadership skills, best practices in community development, and service-learning.

Project Serve requires a big time commitment

In addition to the team meeting commitments (3 in the fall, 3 before spring break, 3 after), each individual must raise his or her own funds for the trip. In order to achieve this goal, each team works together to develop fundraising strategies and events, while individuals write letters, call friends, and encourage giving through social media. Pepperdine's site  is the easiest way to raise funds. Though the dollar amount may seem large, the PVC is committed to helping participants succeed.

Project Serve 2015 schedule

The schedule below is a general reference and does not include team meetings or team leader responsibilities.

Team Leader Applications September 6 - 19, 2014
Spring Break at Pepperdine Release Party September 26, 2014
Team Member Applications September 26 - October 20, 2014
Project Serve Site Revelation October 24, 2014
Project Serve Commitment Deadline October 31, 2014
First 1/2 of Money Due December 5, 2014
Second 1/2 of Money Due February 6, 2015
Sendoff Celebration Event February 25, 2015
Project Serve February 28 - March 6, 2015

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