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Camp Gonzalez and Camp Miller

Camp Miller and Camp Gonzalez are probation centers for young males between the ages of twelve and eighteen. All of the young men have been referred by the juvenile court for various offenses. Both are located about 15 minutes from Pepperdine.

Camp Gonzalez

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Volunteers work with the School at Camp David Gonzales in efforts to establish positive relationships between volunteer tutors and the students, while working to enhance the learning capabilities of students in the classroom. The interaction between student and tutor stimulates learning of academics and future life-skills. The young men at Camp Gonzalez, aided by the volunteer tutors, are afforded the opportunity to rehabilitate their minds and work towards becoming productive members of society.


The program requires a semester long commitment of one visit each week. Times and registration are below. Please contact Lauren Berry at the Volunteer Center at (310) 506-4143.

Camp Miller

Camp Miller welcome sign - Pepperdine University

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Pepperdine volunteers support the facility's goal to reduce recidivism rates through education and peer-support. At the start of the semester, a Pepperdine student is partnered with a Camp Miller student. Each week they will meet one-on-one to work on homework, practice skills for the GED test, read, or even work on writing a letter to someone. Through consistent service, tutors have the opportunity to encourage students to pursue their education through building literacy and math skills.

Through a consistent, positive relationship we hope to encourage the students to become productive members of the community. No tutoring experience is needed.

Due to the cost and time requirements of background checks, volunteers must commit to one night a week for the entire year.


If you are interested in volunteering, please email Heather Odell or call the Volunteer Center at (310) 506-4143.