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International Programs

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Since 1963 Pepperdine has offered students the opportunity to develop an international perspective by making the study abroad program an integral part of their college career. Each of Pepperdine's five schools offers unique international programs to facilitate global learning opportunities that influence, shape, and improve student lives and careers. Students are encouraged to participate in multicultural and/or international study experiences, and are instilled with the conviction that they must be fully engaged citizens of local communities, as well as responsible members of national and international communities.

Seaver College

Year-round residential programs in Heidelberg, Germany; London, England; Florence, Italy; Lausanne, Switzerland; Shanghai, China; and in Buenos Aires, Argentina offer Seaver College students a unique opportunity to gain both an academic and a personal understanding of other cultures, institutions, and languages. Summer language programs in Spanish, German, French, and Italian allow students to complete their language requirements. Other summer programs provide special opportunities to focus on biology, business, humanities, theatre, music, or other topics. Upon graduation, many students conclude that participation in one of these programs was the single most significant experience of their undergraduate years. At least 50 percent of all Seaver students study overseas during their college career. Visit International Programs for more information.

The Graziadio School of Business and Management

The Graziadio School gives students the global business savvy to successfully compete in an increasingly international marketplace through its many study abroad programs. Degree programs that incorporate study abroad include the International MBA and the M.S. in Global Business, which offer comprehensive real-world learning both in the classroom and overseas in countries across Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Students in all programs have the opportunity to study for a week or more abroad for course credit at one of our prestigious partner universities. Visit Global Programs for more information.

Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP)

GSEP's Organization Change program is a unique executive seminar-style program that prepares individuals to lead and facilitate strategic change in organizations. The EdD in Organization Change is offered in a series of 12, eight-day seminar-style sessions held at various national and international locations including the University of Monterrey in Mexico. Visit GSEP for more information.

School of Law

For information on Law School National and International Opportunities, visit the law school website.

School of Public Policy

Students aspiring to careers in the formulation and management of public policy in the international arena may choose to develop a concentration in international affairs. Students organize concentrations around a regional interest. Such an emphasis aids students in developing a comparative and international framework for public policy. Visit the School of Public Policy for more information.

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