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About Seaver College

Frank R. Seaver College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Seaver College

Pepperdine's undergraduate education offers a classical liberal arts curriculum, providing a broad education in rhetoric, language, sciences, mathematics, logic, history, and theology; alongside of professional expertise within a specialized career focus.

Seaver College endeavors to send forth graduates who will have at the start of their adult lives a highly developed capacity for critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and logical reasoning; the ability to transmit that thinking clearly in written, visual, and oral communications; and an understanding of our current age in the context of Western Civilization. These same graduates examine the extent to which Christianity has informed and created that civilization; they develop an ability to assess and enjoy beauty and truth expressed in the fine arts; and gain a sense of themselves as people within a world of which the United States is only part.

Seaver College typically enrolls around 3,000 students and offers BA and BS degrees within 42 courses of study (and 37 minors), and master's degrees in six disciplines.

Students attend classes at the Malibu main campus and study abroad courses are offered at our permanent international campuses in Germany, England, Italy, Switzerland, and Argentina.

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