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Commitment to Sustainability

Although all things "green" have gained momentum in recent years, Pepperdine's commitment to strive towards sustainability began in 1972 when a water reclamation program was implemented for irrigation. As an educational institution, Pepperdine University has a unique obligation to not only engage in sustainability but also to educate our students. Likewise, as a Christian institution, we have a unique opportunity to view sustainability as a moral or ethical obligation, one that requires the protection of ecosystems to ensure justice for both current and future generations. This is necessitated by the fact that those of the lowest socioeconomic status are the most impacted by environmental degradation. This values-centric framework for sustainability is consistent with the University mission of graduating academically knowledgeable and ethically responsible students with a lifelong commitment to purposeful service and leadership. The Center for Sustainability is a conduit for advancement of sustainability through communication, implementation, and education. 

Recycling Program Updates 

For updates regarding Pepperdine's new recycling program, visit our recycling website.

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