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Drought Updates

Though a series of powerful storms have eased drought conditions in the State, these storms have not eliminated California's most important water problems including limited groundwater reserves, which supply roughly forty percent of all freshwater in the State. Water conservation should not be viewed as a short-term drought response but is instead a necessary adaptation to our new normal in California. As the drought lessens in severity, however, we are assessing measures undertaken in response to the drought to determine which measures we will retain long-term.

In 2014, the University shut down all 12 of our on-campus recirculating water features and fountains. Since that time, we have received repeated requests to turn the fountains, particularly Joslyn Plaza and Heroes Garden, back on. We acknowledge the importance of these features: Heroes Garden because of the integral nature of water to this incredible memorial to lives tragically lost on 9-11 and Joslyn Plaza because it is one of our oldest fountains as well as an iconic centerpiece of our undergraduate campus. As such, the University decided to turn these two water features back on. Heroes Garden returned to service last year. Joslyn Plaza was returned to service on February 14th, following testing, rehabilitation, and modification resulting in reduced water consumption. The 10 remaining campus fountains are being considered on a case-by-case basis according to their importance to the community, the amount of water they consume, the costs for rehabilitating, and their location.

Water conservation remains among the University's highest priorities. We will continue to stretch and identify ways in which we can adapt to our new normal and continue to conserve.

Recycling Program Updates 

For updates regarding Pepperdine's new recycling program, visit our recycling website.

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