Case for Support

Message from President

Andrew K. Benton

Now is the Time

Challenging times tempt many to settle for the status quo. But that is not the practice of Pepperdine University nor consistent with its destiny or calling. With the blessing of our Christian heritage, with faculty who demonstrate extraordinary scholarship, with students and alumni who truly lead lives of purpose, service, and leadership, Pepperdine confidently claims its place on the international dais of higher education. Amid issues of competition, accessibility, cost, and a still-languishing global economy, we are reminded that 75 years ago under the clouds of the Great Depression, our founder invested his faith and fortune to open a college.

Over seven decades and with 90,000 graduates, our posture has always leaned forward, eyeing the horizon, looking for opportunities to better serve the world through each class of students and each generation of leaders we produce. Today, we step out with resolve to fulfill what we believe has been Pepperdine's call since its founding: to positively change the life of each student in ways that are deep, wide, and everlasting. Our aspirations, detailed in this document, deserve measurable impact—local, global, personal, eternal.

Now is Our Time

On the eve of our 75th anniversary, we launch the Campaign for Pepperdine, the largest fundraising effort in the University's history. Early in the first decade of this new millennium, embracing the mission and core values that guide our work, we set out to determine the human and financial capital required to move all that we do from excellence to eminence. More than a dozen "envisioning sessions" with hundreds of board members, friends, and civic leaders took place to imagine Pepperdine's future. At the same time, deans, faculty, staff, and students identified their highest priorities for our academic community. The results of both efforts yielded a vision for tomorrow and a well-honed strategic plan that informs this unprecedented campaign.

Now is Your Time

Today, we invite our family of alumni, our devoted benefactors, our community of friends, and especially those not yet aware of our potential, to discover Pepperdine worthy of support. Take time to read not just of our aspirations and the priorities that will make them possible, but the first-person stories of lives changed. We know that before we can expect gifts to Pepperdine, we must earn the loyalty of those who believe in our capacity to educate students with the imagination, intelligence, character, and will to address society's most vexing problems.

While we acknowledge that Pepperdine alone may not change the world, we absolutely believe that our call—and yours, should you choose to join us—is to educate those who will. Now is the time to express confidence in a university dedicated to transforming lives. Perhaps such a partnership will change your life as well.

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Andrew K. Benton