Center for the Arts

Campaign Goal: $2.3 million

Museum Exhibitions $ 1,500,000
Parkening International Guitar Competition $ 800,000

The Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art

When entrepreneur and collector Frederick R. Weisman established the art museum at Pepperdine in 1992, his dream was to provide a venue for meritorious art not being shown elsewhere in the Los Angeles area. Now well into its second decade, the art aspirations of the Weisman Museum remain as lofty as the beautiful and spacious two-story exhibition space funded by its namesake. A robust endowment will create a perpetual fund to support future exhibitions and their timely acquisition. Happily, it will preserve the dream of Fred Weisman to bring inspiring art to these acres, to our students, to our community—and to you.

Classical Guitar—Music to the World

"A divinely blessed music ministry with global impact," is how one appreciative patron described both the 2009 Parkening International Guitar Competition at Pepperdine and its namesake, Distinguished Professor of Music Christopher Parkening. In the classical guitar tradition of Andrés Segovia, Christopher's musical gifts have lifted Pepperdine's well-established triennial competition—which offers the largest prize purse of any guitar competition—to a world-class level. The $800,000 campaign goal will fully underwrite the 2012 and 2015 Parkening Competition events.