University Events Center and Athletics

Campaign Goal: $61.5 million

University Events Center $ 50,000,000*
Athletics Annual Giving Campaign Goal $ 6,500,000
Student-Athlete Scholarships and Resources $ 5,000,000

*represents partial funding

Envisioning the University Events Center: Home of the Waves

Nothing quite compares to the exhilarating experience of thousands united under one roof—cheering wildly, listening intently, singing in harmony, celebrating happily, applauding appreciatively. On a thriving college campus, one with a convocation center able to accommodate its student body, faculty, staff, and guests, few moments can match the floor-to-ceiling fellowship of thousands—no matter the occasion.

Pepperdine—75 years since its founding in Los Angeles and four decades now in Malibu—aspires to build such a venue. When the Malibu campus opened in 1972, former ambassador and tire magnate Leonard Firestone provided the funds to build a beautiful field house that has faithfully served as Pepperdine's multipurpose arena. Today, nearly four decades later—as a globally respected university and an NCAA Division I champion and competitor in multiple sports—it is time to raise a new roof at Pepperdine. Today's Waves yearn for a gathering place massive enough to match their spirit, loyalty, and Pepperdine pride.

Our future events center, a magnet for all of Pepperdine's schools and colleges, will make its home atop the undergraduate campus, inspiring all who enter as the University opens a wide and welcoming door to its community. A perfect match for the distinctive scale of Pepperdine, it will be ample with 5,000 seats and 239,300 square feet, and regulation-sized for Division I competition and tournaments in basketball and volleyball.

As spectacular as it will be for athletic events, it will be just as grand for the keynote speeches of heads of companies and heads of state, and versatile enough for concerts, Founder's Day, graduations, and convocations. The seats will be comfortable, the sightlines clear, the concessions plentiful, and team rooms well equipped. Imbedded technologies will enhance sights, sounds, lights, and action. Assets will include a physical training and rehabilitation complex, team rooms, and technology-rich media resources.

And the best part about the center? There will be no doubt that it is the Home of the Waves—pep bands and pompoms, championship banners, orange and blue pride wafting from the rafters. And everyone who fills the stands—from future freshmen and parents to friends from across the street and across the country—will delight in an expansive, impressive new place to be in community at Pepperdine.

Aspiring to National Prominence in Athletics

While the proposed University Events Center will address goals of both community and competitiveness, our quest is much broader: to ensure that each fully funded sport is positioned to compete in the top 25 in the nation and in several cases, at the pinnacle of Division I teams. Pepperdine enjoys a tradition of competing against much larger schools with phenomenal results, and our aspirations ought to reflect excellence and student-athlete success across all sports and programs.

To build champions on the court and in the classroom, we have set a $5 million goal to ensure that the nation's elite athletes will choose Pepperdine, thrive in their sport and on campus, and graduate in their field of study. Endowed athletic scholarships represent the competitive advantage of the very best NCAA colleges where, like Pepperdine, multiple national championship banners fly proudly. Adequate funding for marketing and effective promotion of Pepperdine's intercollegiate athletic program is part of this comprehensive campaign goal.

University Events Center

East Plaza Entry

Events Center: East Plaza Entry

South Facade

Events Center: South Facade


Events Center: Basketball

Vista Terrace

Events Center: Vista Terrace


Events Center: Concert

Hospitality Room

Events Center: Hospitality Room


Events Center: Debate


Events Center: Volleyball