The Graziadio School of Business and Management

Campaign Goal: $59.35 million

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The Graziadio School has been developing values-centered leaders since 1969, affirming a higher purpose for business practice than the exclusive pursuit of shareholder wealth. Fueled by dynamic MBA programs that are entrepreneurial in spirit, ethical in focus, and global in orientation, the Graziadio School aims ever higher in its campaign aspirations. Support will make possible distinguished academic chairs, innovative centers to advance research and teaching excellence, and exciting opportunities for future entrepreneurs.

George Pepperdine envisioned an institution that would strengthen individuals for purposeful lives. More than a half century later, Imperial Bank cofounder George L. Graziadio, Jr., advanced Mr. Pepperdine's entrepreneurial tradition, endowing the school that bears his name. Today, the world-respected Graziadio School steps forward boldly, building upon its benefactor's legacy of distinctive leadership and counting upon the investment and alliance of alumni, business leaders, and friends to realize its campaign priorities.

Our goals anchor to a strategic plan that embraces five key objectives: enrich student learning, enhance thought leadership, cultivate community, build partnerships, and advance reputation. In a curriculum designed by business experts who are also supremely dedicated teachers, students are empowered to see immediate results in themselves and their organizations, gaining a deeper understanding of their own values and the transforming role they can fill as responsible managers and executives.