Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Campaign Goal: $35.6 million

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At the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, the synthesis of two of Pepperdine's oldest academic programs, a dedicated cadre of educators, staff, and students are committed to helping society meet the challenges of the 21st century. Credential, graduate, and doctoral students are enabled through unfettered access to faculty and the ability to study and learn in an atmosphere where the relevance of faith is not excluded but overtly recognized. Within the Graduate School's classrooms and clinics, skilled educators, psychologists, counselors, therapists, school administrators, and experts in organizational leadership are being equipped for lives of service in a world where hope abounds.

Society is facing explosive challenges that were unimagined a decade ago. And yet, inspired by the possibilities that change portends, the Graduate School explores and develops crucial solutions through new educational approaches. Both in the immediate Los Angeles area and nationally through its award-winning online programs, the school produces some of the most sought-after degreed professionals in education.

The Campaign for Pepperdine provides significant growth opportunities for the Graduate School: the development of nationally relevant programs for the Boone Center for the Family; the education of a new generation of professionals committed to working in culturally and ethnically diverse centers; and the linkage of professional preparation to the mental health needs of the homeless and chronically underserved. Finally, the campaign will enhance student fellowships, including loan-forgiveness programs for graduates who serve in difficult urban, rural, or under-resourced environments.