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Campaign Celebrates Nine Million Dollar December

Christmas cheer was bountiful during the holiday season as the Campaign for Pepperdine received end-of-year gifts totaling a spectacular $9 million.

New friends to the University provided two major estate gifts. Significant funding was pledged to support the new University Events Center and multiple athletic teams. Two Seaver College sweethearts became among the youngest alumni ever to endow a scholarship at their alma mater. And hundreds of thousands of dollars were designated to scholarships and strategic initiatives across the University.

"Nine million dollars is nine million more ways we can make an impact," said Vice Chancellor Claudia Arnold Preston, director of the Campaign for Pepperdine. "But we're not resting on our laurels and are already well on our way to a successful 2012."

Momentum continues as the new year unfolds. Enduring support invigorates the Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies, and major gifts to the School of Law are following on its heels. "Our friends near and far continue to inspire and energize every part of the campaign with their friendship and support," Claudia praised. "They demonstrate the generous spirit and deep sense of goodness that we hope students from every background will find so nourishing at Pepperdine."