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The Pepperdine Fund Launches Anniversary Class Giving Program

Pepperdine Fund

The Pepperdine Fund is set to launch this fall a brand-new Anniversary Giving program for Pepperdine University. As a unique approach to annual giving that reaches out to alumni during their anniversary years, anniversary giving programs are among the most successful tools employed by high-ranking universities to engage alumni with their alma mater and increase alumni giving percentages.

Initially supporting Seaver College, Anniversary Giving will engage alumni who are celebrating decade milestones and grow giving percentages in support of Pepperdine's undergraduate flagship college. The Classes of 2002, 1992, 1982, and 1972 will pioneer the inaugural wave of the Anniversary Giving program. Additional classes will be added in upcoming years.

The highest priority for the Pepperdine Fund's Anniversary Giving program is to increase the number of donors who support the central needs of undergraduates, providing unrestricted gifts for scholarships, academic initiatives, and student life. In turn, the University will continue to expand its domestic and global programs to lead, teach, and serve its communities.

"Far more important than the size of the gift is choosing to give," said Cynthia Ware, director of the Pepperdine Fund. "With alumnigiving participation serving as an important benchmark for the value of a Pepperdine degree, our goal is to inspire within our alumni an enduring tradition of giving that allows them to celebrate with their alma mater and ensure the value of their degree."