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The Biggers Family Courtyard: Honoring Faithful Friends

Biggers Family Courtyard

Though the name Biggers does not grace buildings or scholarships or institutes at Pepperdine, it is bigger than life across the University. Behind that moniker are years of volunteer leadership, three decades of generous giving—and two alumni. And at long last, after silent but significant support at many levels, Board of Regents chair Edwin L. Biggers has humbly consented to let Pepperdine honor him.

The Biggers Family Courtyard—nestled between Rockwell Academic Center and Elkins Auditorium in the Mullin Town Square—will be dedicated May 3. Reflecting the gentility and faith-centered lives of Ed and his late wife Joan, the courtyard is a favorite resting place for students, professors, and visitors alike. Stone benches, a gurgling fountain, and a rock-strewn pool invite passersby to stop for a moment or sit and read for a while. A California sycamore offers a canopy of shade. Scriptures from Isaiah, Psalms, Peter, and John are etched into the courtyard's stone landscape.

Its namesake, chair of Pepperdine's governing board since 2004, was president of Hughes Missile Group and held a host of management posts during a three-decade career with Hughes Aircraft. A U.S. Naval Academy graduate, Ed was a consultant with the U.S. Department of Defense and a member of the Defense Science Board.

Parents of two Pepperdine graduates, Ed and Joan—a past president of the Associated Women for Pepperdine—have been faithful supporters, investing in scholarships, the Boone Center for the Family, and the President's Excellence Fund. The Biggers Family Courtyard will forever recognize their contributions to the University and, more profoundly, to the students whose lives have been changed by their loving generosity.