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Waves Remember Moments with New Pepperdine Fund Campaign

By Nate Ethell ('08, MBA '13)

Mark Your Moment campaign

The Pepperdine Fund launched the Mark Your Moment campaign this fall, a dynamic new initiative that encourages alumni and parents to share their Pepperdine memories and the transformations that took place around campus. Building on last year's extremely successful Make Your Mark campaign, this year's annual fund campaign invites donors to mark a spot on campus indicating where a transformative or defining moment in their college careers happened.

"The Mark Your Moment campaign was inspired by President Benton's message at this year's Pepperdine Associates dinner about powerful ideas and transformative moments," said Cynthia Ware, director of the Pepperdine Fund. "So many of these moments, he said, take place on campus, so we wanted to create a way for alumni and parents to rediscover how Pepperdine changed their lives and how they can continue to shape the lives of our current and future students."

The Mark Your Moment campaign was a success at Waves Weekend in October, with scores of alumni, students, and their families coming together to reflect upon and share moments that shaped them at Pepperdine. "As our alumni donated to this campaign during Waves Weekend, they repeatedly told us the many ways that Pepperdine is special to them and how this institution impacted their lives," Cynthia said. "All gifts to Pepperdine, no matter their size, are what continue to make these remarkable, life-changing moments possible."

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