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Pepperdine Launches $1 Million Campaign for Moore Haus Renovation

By Nate Ethell ('08, MBA '13)

Moore Haus Renovation

Moore Haus Renovation

Moore Haus Renovation

Moore Haus Renovation

Pepperdine's Moore Haus in Heidelberg, Germany, is about to embark on the first phase of an extensive renovation this summer as the University upgrades critical infrastructure and design to its centuryold property. The four-story house, first built as a private residence in 1906, became the University's first international campus in 1965—two years after a pioneering group of students and faculty launched the Year-in-Europe program. Named for Pepperdine comptroller James C. Moore in recognition of his instrumental work in acquiring the facility, the storied home overlooks old town Heidelberg and the serene Neckar River Valley.

Now cherished by thousands of Waves as the "haus of my heart," the University has launched a $1 million campaign to fund a portion of the $5 million renovation cost. A committee of Heidelberg alumni, faculty, and staff has been created to lead the effort.

"Moore Haus was my home for one extraordinary year," said Heidelberg alumnus and campaign supporter Sean Michael Phillips ('07, MS '11). "I remember first walking the stone steps leading to the house and feeling a sense of place that was characteristically Pepperdine. The house quickly became a home and, just as importantly, a comforting sanctuary after travels near and far."

First up this summer: renewing and upgrading the house's infrastructure, including electrical and plumbing, to ensure safety and city code standards. Classes have been suspended through August while upgrades are completed.

Late next summer the University will kick off the second phase of the two-year project, upgrading the building's technologies and reconfiguring living spaces and traffic patterns for a modern academic center. Areas previously closed off to student use, like the former storage attic, will be remodeled for academic and recreational use, providing new spaces for meetings, study sessions, and social time.

"I remember walking the house's halls and thinking of the shared experiences with students 40 years my senior," Sean Michael said. "When I think of the thousands of students still destined to stroll through those same halls, I am delighted I have been able to help continue the house's legacy for future members of the Heidelberg family."

All improvements are expected to be completed by fall 2015. The renovation will be celebrated in Heidelberg following its completion in 2016.

Renovations...From Ebene Ein to Rooftop Freizeitzimmer!

  • All living spaces relocated to the main part of the house
  • Increased student capacity by up to six beds
  • Preservation of the house's historic façade
  • Larger, more functional laundry room on the second floor
  • Redesigned student bedrooms and bathrooms on the third and fourth floors
  • Larger outdoor terrace for recreation and study on the house's top floor


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