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Elva and Henry Respess Endow Research and Internship Programs

Elva and Henry Respess

Despite living on the East Coast, Seaver College grandparents Elva and Henry Respess are no strangers to Pepperdine University. With twin granddaughters Evanne ('12) and Alanna ('12) Lindley having just graduated, and granddaughter Caroline Lindley a current student, their decision to support the school was, according to them, everything they were looking for in deciding to give back.

"Pepperdine, quite simply, is an inspiration," Henry explained. "As our girls were deciding to attend, I loved learning about the school, its mission, and the people who make it all happen. They have inspired us to keep helping the cause."

After a successful career in which they built their own company in the oil industry, the Virginia residents are supporting research and internship programs in the Business Division of Seaver College. Designed to encourage research pursuits and the scholarly work of future business leaders, the program will engage faculty and student participants who will be known as Respess Research Fellows and Respess Student Fellows.