One: Advance Learning, Knowledge, and Scholarship


Our promise to provide an exceptional academic experience is met in mutual efforts—by the teaching and scholarship of our professors and the quality and potential of our students. Together, they create and sustain an intellectual community of rigor and vitality. By addressing life's deepest questions through the study of the liberal arts, science, business, education, law, literature, public policy, and scripture, our students are well prepared to address the world's most daunting challenges.

Pepperdine seeks students with exceptional promise and drive. Each has achieved an impressive level of scholarship and in each we seek a distinctive character compatible with the University's mission. With these strong attributes among thousands of applicants each year, it is crucial that we keep the Pepperdine experience within reach of top students through need- and merit-based financial aid. Our goals include more than $50 million for scholarships and fellowships to ensure that no qualified candidate is denied a Pepperdine education nor saddled with insurmountable debt. Another $10 million is sought for student loan-forgiveness to honor those students who elect to work in public service and not-for-profit assignments following their graduation.

Of the $450 million total goal, $170 million will directly advance Pepperdine's ability to expand academic offerings and enable world-class faculty scholars—mentors to our students—to build capacity in every student. With strong support for teaching endowments, the University hopes to fund 19 new endowed chairs, seven new professorships, and new essential fellowships to attract and support teaching scholars— leaders in their disciplines—at competitive salary thresholds. Our goals also include 14 academic and leadership institutes and four lecture programs that engage the student community and attract audiences, executives, and scholars from all quarters. Given the world's hunger for sustainable solutions, Pepperdine must inspire others to lead by discovering new ways of understanding and new pathways to improve the human condition.

Gary Selby

When Alex Cox came to us, a gangly, quiet kid from rural Montana, he was full of passion, idealism, and energy but without a lot of direction or wisdom. He was like a locomotive engine running full throttle, but with no tracks. When he graduated, he had grown not only intellectually but also spiritually; he had found wisdom and discipline. I think about the impact he will make on the world over a lifetime, and I am deeply grateful that I get to be part of the life-changing work that is at the heart of Pepperdine's mission!

Associate Professor of Communications, Seaver College
Director, Center for Faith and Learning