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Student Employment


Pepperdine student workers

          The Student Employment Office of Pepperdine University exists to serve both students and supervisors in the on-campus and off-campus employment process. As a co-curricular activity and an integral part of the total education experience, student employment should teach students essential skills such as punctuality, dependability and personal responsibility, provide opportunities for career exploration and resume building, networking, and should prepare students for lives of service, purpose and leadership.

           The Student Employment Office (SEO) works with the faculty and staff of all University departments, and the local community to provide part-time employment opportunities for students. We work with the Federal Work Study Program and the Pepperdine Work Program university-wide.

           The SEO is as a resource for job-seeking students and hosts an online jobs database accessible to enrolled Pepperdine graduate and undergraduate students.Over 2,000 students work on-campus each year through a variety of work programs: Federal Work-Study, Pepperdine Work Program, Community Service, and departmentally. There are also Pepperdine students who choose to work off-campus in positions posted by local employers through the Pepperdine Job Database called CareerSpace.

         The SEO also works with prospective employers, on campus and off-campus, to connect Pepperdine University students through Careerspace where employers can review student resumes, post and manage job postings, and track student applicants. Both on-campus and off-campus employers may register for a login and password to gain access to the SEO jobs database, CareerSpace.

         In 2014, a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that three out of four employers were looking to hire students with relevant experience (NACE, p. 6). Through student employment and internships, students will gain this relevant experience, including the hard skills and communication skills necessary to be effective in today's society. Further, as a High-Impact practice, student employment serves as a catalyst to encourage "student engagement in educationally purposeful behavior" (Kuh, 2010). With our hearts set on helping our students gain their best foot forward as they transition from Pepperdine into graduate school or the workplace, the SEO strives to provide every opportunity for both personal and professional growth. Come see what your future has in store for you!

We look forward to working with you!

Student Employment Office