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The Jumpstart program is working toward the day when every child in America will enter school prepared to succeed.

Participants of the program serve early childhood learning centers developing relationships with preschool children, their family members, and teachers. Students are placed on a Jumpstart team and commit to serve 300 hours over the course of an academic year.

Together, these students implement curriculum, plan family involvement events, and serve at the learning centers. Participants earn their full work-study award and receive an additional education award from AmeriCorps.

Jumpstart Corps

How can you get involved?

Apply to be a Jumpstart Corps Member for the 2013-2014 school year!

If you are interested, apply here!  (Work-study and year-long commitment is required.)

Volunteer for a Jumpstart One-time Service Event

We encourage you to join us and participate in a One-time Service Event.

Current Jumpstart Members

Find documents and resources on the Jumpstart at Pepperdine University Google site.

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