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The Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture (IEMC) facilitates the education and development of a new generation of multi-disciplinary graduates who are uniquely positioned for impactful leadership roles within the media and entertainment sectors and committed to stewardship of its cultural and societal impacts. The institute creates pathways for students from Seaver College, Graziadio Business School, and the School of Law to become business savvy individuals, creatively minded executives and entrepreneurs, and entertainment industry focused lawyers.

Collaborating with Pepperdine's five schools, we foster the design and delivery of a portfolio of curriculum and pedagogical innovations across degree and certificate programs. We cultivate close relationships with and involvement by industry stakeholders and foster appropriate applied research and "thought leadership" on the creative, business and legal aspects of the media and entertainment sectors. The Institute combines the next wave in technology, storytelling, and education.

Drawing upon expertise from the culture shaping disciplines at Pepperdine (arts, business, communication, education, humanities, law, psychology, public policy) we prepare students for today's media marketplace, where esteemed leaders from the entertainment industry serve as guest speakers, mentors, and advisors. The institute connects academic research with emerging industry practices through networking opportunities, professional seminars, internships and content creation.