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AEG/STAPLES Center Pepperdine Classroom Series

July/August 2019 - STAPLES Center, DTLA

GRAMMY MUSEUM Music Modernization Act Panel

October 17, 2019, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m., GRAMMY MUSEUM at L.A. LIVE

 Past Events

Esports Summit: Industry, Law, and Governance

Thursday, March 28, 2019
12:30 to 5:00 PM

Pepperdine University School of Law, Classroom D, Malibu, Campus

The Ethics of Zealous Advocacy: Understanding the Business of Sports and Labor, featuring NFLPA Executive Director, DeMaurice Smith with Jim Trotter, Reporter at NFL Media 

Thursday, March 21, 2019
5:00 to 6:30 PM

Pepperdine University School of Law, Classroom C, Malibu Campus

Silicon Beach Roundtable: Entertainment, Media, & Sports Panel--The Golden Age of Content & Distribution

Thursday, March 7, 2019
6:00 to 9:00 PM

Los Angeles Entertainment District at Hollywood Park
Legends Premiere Center Facility in Playa Vista
12035 Waterfront Dr 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90094

NCAA Pathways to Opportunity: A Conversation with Top NCAA Executives

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
4:00 to 5:00 PM
Center for Communication & Business (CCB) 340, Malibu Campus

Inside Baseball

A Conversation with Ned Colletti, former general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Stephen Ross, Director of the Penn State Center for the Study of Sports in Society, with Pepperdine School of Law Professor Maureen Weston.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
3:30 to 4:45 PM
Pepperdine Law (Classroom B), Malibu Campus

Pepperdine IEMSC - Engage event

On the occasion of the American Film Market
Friday, November 2, 2018 from 2:30pm to 5:45pm

Fairmont Miramar's Starlight Ballroom in Santa Monica - 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Engage is the Pepperdine Alumni Affairs and Pepperdine's Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture (IEMSC) signature diversity and inclusion event where creative entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from high profile industry professionals.

This half-day symposium features provocative panel discussions and invaluable insider information about the film, television, and new media landscape from a diverse group of notable creatives, producers, and executives in the entertainment industry. This year's symposium theme, "21st Century Creatives and Storytelling," will focus on burgeoning trends in the industry for creatives and business entrepreneurs.

Learn more


Next Wave Digital Ent

Alumni, faculty, staff, students, and industry leaders gathered at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, their flagship location for creators, to produce video content and collaborate with the YouTube creative community. Hosted by Pepperdine's Institute for Entertainment, Media, Sports,and Culture (IEMSC) and Alumni Affairs, this educational evening featured a distinguished panel of Pepperdine alumni and industry leaders exploring the latest advancements in digital entertainment from film and animation to gaming and virtual reality.

Diversity Work$ event ad - Pepperdine University



This symposium was made possible in part with the generous support of The Hearst Foundations.


Maya Angelou Documentary, "And Still I Rise" 

Introduction by Candace Bowen, Women in Film

Q&A with directors Bob Hercules and Rita Coburn Whack

In discussion with Helen Williams, Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Angelou Screening

David Weiss - Pepperdine University

Speaker David N. Weiss (Shrek 2, Smurfs, Rugrats) inspired the students at the annual banquet for the master of fine arts in writing for screen and television program on April 6th, 2016

Vikki Karan - Pepperdine University

Vikki Karan hosted the Pepperdine School of Law Geoffrey Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law event, An Evening with WME|IMG on March 31st, 2016


Danny Ducovny at Keslow - Pepperdine University

Danny Docovny at Keslow Camera with the Pepperdine Cinematography class checking out Arri and Red cameras

Keslow tour - Pepperdine University


Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence - Pepperdine University

Screening of Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence

Discussion with Peter C. Jones, Director/Producer &
Eric Wilson, Associate Chaplain, Pepperdine University

Saturday, March 12th, 2016
Elkins Auditorium, Malibu Main campus

Remand movie poster - Pepperdine University

Screening of Remand

The Story of Pepperdine Law's Global Justice Program in Uganda
Presented by Revolution Pictures

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016
Caruso Auditorium, Pepperdine School of Law

Risen movie poster - Pepperdine University

Screening of Risen

Capturing the uncertainty and excitement that surrounded the resurrection of Jesus, RISEN is a smart and inspiring new film from Columbia Pictures and AFFIRM Films. Screened on November 18th at Pepperdine for the Malibu community prior to its February 19th, 2016 Sony release.

Einstein's Light movie poster - Pepperdine University

Screening of Einstein's Light

IEMC hosted the west coast premiere of the new documentary, Einstein's Light on Tuesday, November 10th. Award-winning filmmaker Nickolas Barris travelled from Holland to present the film and was joined in a post screening discussion by Pepperdine physics professor Gerard Fasel. Craig Detweiler, IEMSC's creative director noted, "We're thrilled to bring Einstein's Light to Pepperdine, straight from its east coast premiere at Princeton University. What a great opportunity for the community and our many sharp students in science, music, film and media." Check out the trailer

The film illuminates Einstein's quest to realize his General Theory of Relativity from his miracle year of 1905 to its finalization amidst the horrors of the First World War, as he used the properties of light to guide his creative path. It examines Einstein's discoveries as well as modern examples of scientific imagination and innovation, including Dutch Nobel Laureate, Hendrik Lorentz. The symbiotic relationship between music and science is a major theme, as Einstein is the greatest example of its efficacy. Nickolas Barris commissioned composer Bruce Adolphe to write a score to reflect the power of music as a catalyst for Einstein's scientific creativity. Since Einstein was a devoted violinist, composer Adolphe created a score based on Einstein's deep connection to the music of Mozart and Bach. Grammy Award-winning violinist Joshua Bell performs on the soundtrack, which was unveiled at the United Nations/UNESCO International Year of Light Opening Ceremony in Paris on January 19, 2015.

Blackfish movie poster - Pepperdine University

Screening of Blackfish

The film Blackfish is critical about the way SeaWorld treats its killer whales and this has inspired people like Kirra Kotler from Pt. Dume Elementary in Malibu to ask her teacher and fellow students to stop visiting the theme park for their annual field trip. Her actions caught the attention of CNN and there is now pending legislation that would ban the use of performing orcas at California entertainment parks.

Photo: Director of Blackfish, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, meets 10-year old Kirra Kotler for the first time at Pepperdine's Reel Stories Film Festival where "stories create reality" is celebrated. Photo by Dana Fineman

Watershed movie poster - Pepperdine University

Watershed Screening with James Redford

Presenting ideas for restoring the once-mighty Colorado River, Skylar Peak, Pepperdine alum and Malibu's new mayor joins Redford for an evening discussion with friends from the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains, Bill Hasencamp, the Colorado River Program Manager at the Metropolitan Water District, and Barry Nelson, Senior Policy Analyst, Water Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Moderated by Rhiannon Bailard of Pepperdine's Center for Sustainability.

Executive Produced and Narrated by Robert Redford and Directed by award-winning filmmaker, Mark Decena, Watershed tells the story of the threats to the Colorado River and offers solutions for the future of the American West. Can we meet the needs of a growing population in the face of rising temperatures and lower rainfall in an already arid land? Can we find harmony amongst the competing interests of cities, agriculture, industry, recreation, wildlife, and indigenous communities with rights to the water?

Composer Michael Giacchino - Pepperdine University

Michael Giacchino Embodies the Composer as Storyteller

Academy Award winning composer Michael Giacchino drew upon his family history to challenge students to serve a larger story. He brought scenes from his acclaimed scores to Up, The Incredibles, and the television series, Lost. Giacchino played five different musical themes he composed for the reboot of the Star Trek franchise. He noted how he was intimidated by the history associated with the series until Lost producer Damon Lindelof suggested the story was simply, "Two friends in boot camp." The resulting cue, "Enterprising Young Men" captured the ethos of the film. The evening was co-hosted by graphic design professor Dana Zurzolo and featured a poster contest won by senior Zach Tafoya. Read more about Giacchino's visit to Pepperdine in The Graphic.

Kathy Eldon and Amy Eldon Turteltaub - Pepperdine University

Remembering Journalist Dan Eldon: Dying to Tell the Story

Producers Kathy Eldon and Amy Eldon-Turteltaub brought their Emmy-nominated documentary, Dying to Tell the Story, to Pepperdine's Elkins Auditorium. The moving doc celebrates the enduring legacy of artist, photographer and activist Dan Eldon, who was murdered while covering the war in Somalia in 1993. The evening was a sobering reminder of the dangers that war correspondents endure in hotspots around the globe. The Eldons launched the Creative Visions Foundation to honor Dan and empower the next generation of "creative activists." Kathy Eldon noted how Dan inspired Blake Mycoskie of Tom's Shoes, reflected in the Spring 2011 collection, "Safari as a Way of Life." Pepperdine senior Karee Maxson currently serves as an intern with Creative Visions.

Sitcom writers give presentation - Pepperdine University

The Serious Business of Writing Comedy in Hollywood

Five accomplished sitcom writers talked about "The Serious Business of Writing Comedy in Hollywood." The event was hosted by Dr. Leslie Kreiner-Wilson of Pepperdine's MFA in Screenwriting program and the student writing group, Courier 12. Speakers included (pictured left to right) Eric Zicklin (Hot in Cleveland), David Misch (Saturday Night Live), Chris Cluess (The Simpsons), Andy Guerdat (Sister, Sister), and Dean Batali (That 70s Show). The discussion in Elkins Auditorium included hilarious backstage anecdotes as well as sage advice for aspiring writers.

Reel Stories Film Fest award winners - Pepperdine University

Randall Wallace hosts Reel Stories awards - Pepperdine University

Reel Stories Film Fest Fetes Student Filmmakers

A showcase for art, music, and social action at the Reel Stories Film Festival. Twelve hundred moviegoers packed two theaters to see six films competing for the top prizes. Senior Austin Chapman was the night's big winner, taking the Grand Prize and the Audience Award for his poignant short, Eleven Eleven and the Reel Cause Award for his documentary, City of Widows. Kyle Helf won in the technical category for his cinematography for Contact. The winning student films can be viewed online here.

After an inspiring charge from Pepperdine grad, director D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia, and the new I Am Number Four) the awards were presented by filmmaker Randall Wallace (Secretariat, Braveheart). Wallace said, "I've been to the Oscars, I've been to the Golden Globes, this is better…This event [focuses on] what you are feeling in your heart, and what the people that made those movies are feeling in theirs."

Attendees also had an opportunity to view two Academy Award nominees for Best Documentary, Wasteland and Exit Through the Gift Shop. Both films follow artists into the streets, where their captivating work springs forth. Wasteland tracks Vic Muniz's majestic photographs of recycling crews in a Brazilian trash dump. Graffiti artist Banksy questions the role of art in his beguiling first feature, Exit Through the Gift Shop. The associate producer of Wasteland, Emilia Mello answered questions posed by Academy Award nominated documentarian, Roko Belic (Genghis Blues and the upcoming, Happy). 

Photo 1: Mishy Turner, Austin Chapman, Kyle Helf and Robby DeVillez celebrate their awards at the 2nd Reel Stories Film Festival. Photo by Houston Costa

Photo 2: Randall Wallace hosts Reel Stories awards

Director Oliver Stone - Pepperdine University

Director Oliver Stone takes Pepperdine South of the Border

The Latino Student Association and the EMC co-hosted an evening with three-time Oscar winner, Oliver Stone featuring his documentary, South of the Border. In the film, Stone travels across South America interviewing presidents like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Bolivia's Evo Morales, and Argentina's Christina Kirchner. South of the Border juxtaposes American press coverage with playful images captured by Stone of Chavez riding a bicycle, Morales chewing on cocoa leaves, and Kirchner discussing shoes. A lively discussion with Stone pressed him on human rights abuses, the Castro regime in Cuba, and his thoughts on Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Life is Not a Musical movie poster - Pepperdine University

Life is Not a Musical: The Musical

Premiere of the first feature film produced by Pepperdine undergraduates, Life is Not a Musical: The Musical. It juxtaposes happy tunes with the struggles of a young married couple. Over 150 students were involved in the rousing production, including writer/director Paul Casey, producer/composer Zane Miller, and cinematographer/actor Zach Garrett. It featured 12 original songs composed for the film and Casey, Garrett, and Miller oversaw six months of post-production.

Jennifer Harriger on Fox News - Pepperdine University

Pepperdine Professor Finds 3-Year-Olds Already Think "Thin Is In"

Jennifer Harriger, assistant professor of psychology, appeared on Fox News to discuss her groundbreaking research involving toddlers and body image. A test for 3 to 5 year-olds was embedded within gameplay for CandyLand and Chutes and Ladders. Once toddlers chose a game character, Harriger would offer a wider but otherwise identically dressed character as a substitute. The children consistently chose thinner characters, including shocking reasons why they didn't want to play with the heavier game pieces. How did toddlers develop such strong stereotypes regarding weight and body image? And how might the media counteract such strong and early impressions already forming in children?

Ron Meyer, president of Universal Studios - Pepperdine University

Ron Meyer, President of Universal Studios

Ron Meyer, president and chief operating officer of Universal Studios, addressed an enthusiastic crowd of students, alums, and luminaries from the Malibu community at the first "State of the Industry" conversation on Monday, November 29, 2010. Meyer demonstrated considerable candor as he reflected on his journey from a modest upbringing to co-founding the Creative Artists Agency and overseeing Universal Studios through fifteen distinguished years (and six ownership changes!). He also brought along exclusive previews of upcoming projects like the fifth edition of The Fast and the Furious and the alien comedy, Paul. Meyer answered an array of questions from the audience regarding the development, marketing, and future of feature films. While acknowledging the competitive nature of Hollywood, he also challenged students to adopt honesty and kindness as keys to enduring in the industry. Under Meyer's leadership, Universal has produced the Oscar-winning films Gladiator, Shakespeare in Love, and A Beautiful Mind and rousing hits like Bruce Almighty, Despicable Me, and The Bourne Ultimatum.

The evening was co-sponsored by the Pepperdine Film Society and the Graziadio Entertainment Club. Read about the evening in The Malibu Times.

Seth Allison on The Office - Pepperdine University

Pepperdine Seniors Featured on The Office

Two talented members of Seaver College's class of 2010, Seth Allison and Jeff Loveness had 'co-starring' roles on NBC's Thursday night staple, The Office. Allison and Loveness played college students embarking on a service trip to Mexico. Office manager, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) decides to get on their bus, inspiring Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) to follow suit. When Michael realizes he doesn't have a passport, Allison chimes in, informing him that you don't need a passport to enter Mexico. When Michael and Andy plead to stop the bus, Loveness quickly follows. He ends up riding back to Scranton with them. Congrats to Allison and Loveness for such a high profile guest appearance. See more of their work at The Randumb Show.

Japanese actor Tsuyoshi Ihara - Pepperdine University

Japanese Movie Star, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Teaches Students How to Act

Actor Tsuyoshi Ihara, star of Letters from Iwo Jima, talked to students in Craig Detweiler's entertainment business course about how to hone their craft. He discussed how his training in martial arts with Sonny Chiba prepared him for action roles as one of Takeshi Miike's 13 Assassins. Ihara-san also discussed the honor of working with director Clint Eastwood on the acclaimed Letters from Iwo Jima. He concluded with a preview of his next film set in Brazil, Coracoes Sujos. Ihara thanked the students for the opportunity to polish his English skills in preparation for upcoming roles.

Finding Kind - Pepperdine University

Pepperdine Graduates Premiere FINDING KIND in Malibu

"Have you ever been bullied?" Two 2009 graduates of Pepperdine's Comm Division, Lauren Parsekian and Molly Stroud, traveled across America, asking girls whether they had ever been teased, harassed, or bullied by other girls. Their riveting documentary, Finding Kind, demonstrates how pervasive and problematic bullying has become amongst girls. Yet, it also challenges students to join the Kind Campaign to raise awareness, build up self-esteem, and establish stronger solidarity amongst women. After the screening in Elkins Auditorium, Parsekian and Stroud were interviewed by their professor and mentor, Susan Salas. Tom Shadyac served as executive producer on the project.

Production designer Alan Roderick-Jones - Pepperdine University

Production Designer Alan Roderick-Jones Brings Plans to Pepperdine

Acclaimed production designer Alan Roderick-Jones brought his finest creations to Pepperdine classes taught by professors Dana Zurzulo, Ginger Rosenkrans, and Michael Furtney. Students crowded around tables to see original artwork created by Roderick-Jones for Star Wars including drawings and plans for the Millennium Falcon. Roderick-Jones also unveiled his designs for Universal/Vivendi video games like The Lord of the Rings and Van Helsing. For the students in graphic design, advertising, and public relations, Roderick-Jones offered a vivid example of an artist who has perfected his craft.

Tom Shadyac discusses I AM - Pepperdine University

Filmmaker Tom Shadyac Brings Passionate Documentary I AM to Pepperdine

Pepperdine professor Tom Shadyac brought his most personal project, I AM, to Elkins Auditorium on the Malibu campus. I AM challenges viewers to shift their lifestyles from competition to cooperation, and from consumption to sustainability. It features interviews with renowned thinkers like Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Bishop Desmond Tutu. Author Marc Ian Barash (Field Notes on the Compassionate Life) was on hand for the screening. Students brought strong questions about how to make a significant change to the post-screening conversation. I AM marks a fascinating shift from Shadyac's massive comedies like Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor and Ace Ventura. Yet, I AM also finds humor amidst our daunting social challenges.

Karin Sabin, DGA trainee - Pepperdine University

Karin Sabin ('08) Chosen for Competitive Directors Guild Training Program

Karin Sabin, a Pepperdine Communication Division graduate, was  chosen for the Directors Guild of America's prestigious Training Program for Assistant Directors. She is working on NBC's new series, Harry's Law, produced by David E. Kelley and starring Kathy Bates. The DGA Trainee program receives 15,000 applications and choses only 15 finalists each year. Sabin applied in October 2009 and went through three rigorous rounds of interviews. Her final interview came before 20 DGA members. 

Listen Up! World Cup Album - Pepperdine University

John Paul Lam ('96) Rocks the World Cup with Japanese Pop Star, MISIA

John Paul Lam ('96) wrote and produced a song for Japanese R&B singer, MISIA for "Listen Up!," the official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album. His song, "Maware Maware," (Japanese for "Around and Around") is sung by MISIA and features M2J (a group featuring J.P. and Japanese Hip Hop artist DJ Muro). This Sony Entertainment release features songs from Shakira, R. Kelly, John Legend, and Wyclef Jean. Lam noted, "I am extremely honored to have my music included among so many great artists and to receive such wide exposure. I am also honored to have been invited by Sony and FIFA to perform alongside MISIA at the Sony Pavilion in Johannesburg, South Africa during the World Cup Games." 

Noah Ringer stars as The Last Airbender - Pepperdine University

IEMSC Director Craig Detweiler Comments on Hollywood Casting Controversies

Craig Detweiler, director of IEMSC, weighed in on the controversies surrounding casting decisions for Prince of Persia and The Last Airbender. Cultural analysis by Detweiler on Hollywood's missed opportunities for appeared on entertainment industry site, The Wrap and on CNN.com. An extended interview was published at National Geographic's Pop Omnivore.

Antwone Fisher movie screening - Pepperdine University

Antwone Fisher: the Movie and the Man

IEMSC teamed with Don Lawrence and the Intercultural Affairs Office to bring screenwriter Antwone Fisher and his eponymous film to the Malibu campus. A crowd of 200 students, staff and faculty gathered in Elkins Auditorium to watch Denzel Washington's directorial debut. After the screening, Fisher offered behind-the-scenes peeks into the creative process that sparked his autobiography, Finding Fish, and the movie. Fisher's warmth and humor shown through tales on the set and in the years since the movie premiered. His appearance was chronicled by the local media, including The Malibu Times and The Graphic.

Joe and Heidi Wang - Pepperdine University

Steve and Allie Smith of The Amazing Race - Pepperdine University

Pepperdine Alumni Compete on Emmy-winning show, The Amazing Race

The 16th season of The Amazing Race features Pepperdine graduates, Heidi Lesser-Wang ('94), Steve Smith ('76), and Allie Smith ('08). Lesser-Wang races with her husband, Joe Wang. Steve Smith played baseball at Pepperdine and has served as a Major League coach for the World Series champs, Philadelphia Phillies. Steve's daughter, Allie, graduated in 2008 with a degree in public relations. 

Student winners of the first Reel Stories Film Festival - Pepperdine University

First Reel Stories Film Festival Full of Powerful Premieres

Almost 1000 people packed out Smothers Theater and Elkins Auditorium for the inaugural Reel Stories Film Festival. The star-studded evening was conceived, produced, and directed by students. It featured acclaimed documentaries like The Human Experience. The festival culminated in a red carpet ceremony for the top student films. Senior J.J. Starr won the grand prize for his documentary, "Waking Honduras." Accomplished industry professionals like Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty), Randall Wallace (We Were Soldiers), and Jonah Nolan (The Dark Knight) served as judges for the competition. Check out the award winning entries here.

Professor Susan Salas - Pepperdine University

Pepperdine Professor Competes Against John Salley on MSNBC

Susan Salas, associate professor of telecommunications and director of broadcasting, participated in a panel about performance-enhancing technology in sports in the PlayIt4-Ward series on the Web site. Former NBA star, John Salley was amongst the commentators pitted against Salas, in the live commentary. Watch the panel


Full House for "The Business of Screenwriting"

Pepperdine's MFA in Screenwriting program hosted six expert panelists for a seminar on the business side of screenwriting. Christine Pechera of the student screenwriting group, Courier 12, welcomed the packed house gathered in the Fireside Room. Director of the screenwriting program, Leslie Kreiner-Wilson introduced the distinguished panelists:

Sheryl J. Anderson, co-executive producer of Charmed, three time Emmy winner Dick Blasucci from The Larry Sanders Show and MadTV, fellow Emmy winner Chris Cluess from The Simpsons and Cheers, former Paul Kohner literary agent Neal Stevens, and Brent Lilley and Allan de Leon from the Mosaic Media Group that represents Judd Apatow, Jim Carrey, and Will Ferrell.

Topics ranged from how to get started, how to get an agent, and how to get that all important first script sale.


IEMSC Director Comments on CNN

CNN called upon associate professor of Communication Craig Detweiler for expert commentary on three recent news stories. He appeared on CNN International to analyze the blockbuster success of James Cameron's Avatar, was quoted in an article about tumultuous changes at NBC and Fox, and framed a recent study that demonstrated that "Sex doesn't sell in the movies."

Thema Bryant-Davis - Pepperdine University

Pepperdine prof offers expert advice to Dr. Phil

Thema Bryant-Davis of Pepperdine's Graduate School of Education and Psychology appeared three time on Dr. Phil this fall. As an expert on childhood trauma, Bryant-Davis talked about the post-traumatic stress that Jaycee Lee Dugard may experience following her release from captivity and the challenges facing adult survivors of childhood physical and sexual abuse.


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