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Office of Special Programs

Filming Locations, PHOTO GALLERY


Possible Availability: Any day except game or University event days.

Disclaimer: These images of Alumni Park may not accurately reflect current condition of grass, trees, ponds. A scout of the area before scheduled filming date is highly recommended for an accurate assessment.

Alumni Park single tree, bench

Jogger going across section 2/upper field coastline

Homecoming event on upper field

Another past Homecoming Festival image (of alumnae)

Section 3 looking southeast towards Palos Verdes peninsula

Section 3 looking northeast toward west pond

Section 3 from fire road, looking west

Section 3 horizon line, looking south

Sections 6-7 horizon line, looking northwest

Sections 6-7 horizon line southwest, Malibu Cyn./PCH corner

Section 6 panorama, looking north from PCH/Malibu Cyn. corner

Sections 6-5 from edge of Intramural lower field, looking west

Sections 5-3-2, looking west towards Pt. Dume

Sections 1-3 and west pond, looking south

Section 1 and west pond, looking south with Sections 6-3 horizon line

Section 7-1 (east pond), looking southwest towards ocean

Section 7-1 (east pond), looking southwest

Sections 7-1 (east pond), looking southwest towards ocean

Sections 7-6 (east pond) horizon line towards ocean