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Faculty Research Retreat Grants

Provost Brewster, with the Office of the Vice Provost, has extended Seaver College’s Pandemic Recovery Research Retreat Grants program to include support for Faculty Research Retreat Grants for all Pepperdine tenure/tenure-track faculty. These grants seek to offer support for faculty scholars in advancing their scholarship and/or creative work during the academic year by providing faculty with time and space either off-campus or on-campus (e.g. reserve a university library space) to focus on specific research, writing, and/or creative objectives. This program encourages cohorts of two or more faculty members applying together in order to reduce costs and provide a context of peer support, accountability, and encouragement. Additionally, faculty who indicate specific plans for future external grant applications will be prioritized. 

Grants of up to $750 will support transportation, food, and/or lodging costs for a research retreat at a local destination. The retreat must be taken before July 1, and should focus on accomplishing the research, writing, and/or creative objectives identified by each applicant.


All Pepperdine tenured/tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply for a Faculty Research Retreat Grants. 


Faculty members may apply for a Faculty Research Retreat Grants for the 2024-2025 academic year by submitting this application form. The form asks: 

  • the name and email of the primary contact
  • the email(s) of co-applicants, if applicable
  • a proposed location and dates for the retreat
  • a budget for the retreat, including transportation, food, and/or lodging expenses
  • a short description of the scholarly objectives for each applicant

For groups, it will be most efficient to collate the information above and then designate one member to complete the form.

Application Timeline

Deadline: October 30, 2024

We will continue to accept rolling applications and make award decisions on a monthly basis as long as program funds remain. Note:  Applications after the priority deadline will be reviewed monthly and must be submitted by April 15 to be considered.

Reporting Requirements

In order to be reimbursed for expenses, recipients should submit a brief report (no more than 2 pages) to the Internal Research Report Form within 30-days of the retreat. The report should include a short description of the outcomes of the retreat compared with the proposed objectives for each participant and how the format of the retreat contributed to the participants’ success in meeting their goals, and itemized receipts for food, transportation, and/or lodging expenses.


Questions may be directed to Sevana Hanneyan.