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From the President

One of the advantages of living and working at a place like Pepperdine University— bookended as it is by the fierce and fluid ocean and the rocky and resilient mountains —is our campus’s distinct venue hovering over the vast Pacific. While our elevated location creates a subtle divide between the “city” and the “hill,” I believe it also sets us apart to display our best to the world—our “salt” and “light.” We have, indeed, been positioned, entrusted, and empowered to radiate to the rest of the world the love of God—who is our source of truth and light—and the power of our mission.


"The University's FY23 truth we pursue at Pepperdine is anchored by the principles and promises revealed in the infallible word of God."

Jim Gash

At Pepperdine, truth has been inextricably linked to everything we do and embedded in everything we believe. In our affirmation statement, Pepperdine’s fundamental guiding document, we declare that “truth, having nothing to fear from investigation, must be pursued relentlessly in every discipline.” It has never been more important than today to pledge our commitment to this assertion as we position Pepperdine to be the university that is developing people of integrity and character who personify the “salt of the earth” and “light of the world.” While pursuing truth in every discipline requires the essential elements of critical thinking, open-mindedness, ethics, and discernment familiar to any scholar, the truth we pursue at Pepperdine is anchored by the principles and promises revealed in the infallible word of God.

Looking back at all the ways Pepperdine shined in the last year, I see clearly how our focus on truth moved us to even greater heights. I see how the fruits of our faith resonated both within our community and beyond, while seasoning the world with our devotion to Christ and love for our neighbors. Within our community, and in the midst of unspeakable tragedy, we stood together while we grieved and comforted each other as those who are not without hope in the afterlife to come. Beyond our community and around the globe, we put our light on a stand by serving others in humility and rooting our heart and hands and feet in the truth of Christ to the glory of God our Father.

Looking forward, as we engage in scholarship and learning, let us remember that our pursuit of truth is not an end unto itself but a means to shine light on the challenges facing our world. In our continued quest for knowledge and wisdom, let us seek to be the salt that enriches and preserves the values that define our community. Let us embrace the responsibility that comes with being salt and light, infusing our learning with purpose, character, and a commitment to serving others. May our actions and words reflect the transformative power of love, compassion, and grace and, by doing so, contribute to the flourishing of our community and fulfill our calling to make a lasting impact on the world.



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JIM GASH President and CEO