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Josh Burker (EdD ‘07)

Pepperdine alumnus Josh Burker (EdD '07) started making personal protective equipment (PPE) using a 3D printer and soon started producing masks for doctors and nurses all over the country. 

"On March 20 a friend contacted me and suggested I start 3D printing brims for PPE face shields. I bought the other supplies and started working. Before long I was contacted by a respiratory therapist and ICU nurse here in Connecticut and was able to produce 32 face shields for them. I have also provided 23 to doctors in New York City, 10 to a chemotherapy nurse in Oregon, and five to one of my brothers who is an ER doctor in Washington state. Right now I am fabricating 20 for a nursing home in Connecticut then another 20 for a nurse in Rhode Island. My friends continue to pay for supplies as I need them, making it possible to donate the PPE face shields to front-line medical workers at no charge to them." - Josh Burker (EdD '07)

josh burker