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Celebrated Engineer Sam Pitroda to Discuss Mahatma Ghandi's Perspective on Capitalism

Sam PitrodaIn honor of Mahatma Gandhi's 151st birthday on October 2, 2020, Sam Pitroda, an internationally known telecommunications engineer and inventor, will present Reimagining Capitalism: The Gandhian Way, on Monday, October 5, at 5 PM. Pitroda will explore Mahatma Gandhi and his perspective on how to reimagine capitalism to include more honesty, nonviolence, transparency, justice, and equality for all. 

Pitroda has spent more than 50 years in information and communications technology and related global developments. Credited with having laid the foundation for India’s telecommunications and technology revolution of the 1980s, Pitroda has been a leading campaigner to help bridge the global digital divide. 

He served as advisor to the prime minister of India on public information Infrastructure and innovation, is a founding member of the UN Broadband Commission, a board member of the m-Powering Development Initiative of the International Telecommunications Union, and a member of the United States National Academy of Engineering.

Deeply inspired by Gandhi throughout his life, Pitroda can recall the day Gandhi died. Gandhi inspired Pitroda’s sense of ethics and business practice, and led him to also found the Gandhi Heritage Portal, a free online database with more than 500,000 pages of material and resources in searchable electronic format in an effort to preserve Gandhi’s legacy. 

For additional information about this event, and to register to attend, visit the Pepperdine website.