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Pepperdine School of Law to Host 2017 Nootbaar Conference

Pepperdine University School of Law will host the 2017 Nootbaar Conference entitled “Religious Critiques of Law,” at the Malibu campus on Thursday, March 9, at 8 AM, and on Friday, March 10, at 5:30 PM.

In his book, American Lawyers and Their Communities: Ethics in the Legal Profession, legal ethics scholar and author Thomas L. Shaffer envisions a downtown street. On one side of the street is a house of worship; on the other is a courthouse. According to Shaffer, law schools train attorneys to look at the religious congregation from the courthouse—that is, to analyze the problems the religious congregation creates for the law. As a result, law schools ignore the possibility that there might be a view of the courthouse from the house of worship.

Shaffer hence encourages lawyers to “walk across the street” and look at the courthouse from the perspective of their religious congregation.

At this conference, speakers will support and challenge Shaffer’s notion that religious critiques of law are of value. Guest speakers from a wide variety of religious traditions will address the law based on their backgrounds. Some will address the history of religious influence on law. Others will address what religion might say to subjects that do not ordinarily encounter religious critique, such as property and contracts.

Ticket prices range between $25 and $150, and are required for attendance. For additional information about the conference, and to register to attend, visit the Pepperdine University School of Law website.