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Pepperdine Volunteer Center Participates in National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week 2016

The Pepperdine Volunteer Center[BROKEN LINK] (PVC) will once again participate in National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, hosted at Pepperdine University this year from Monday, November 14, to Friday, November 18.

In preparation for the events, the PVC partnered with various student organizations to present a week filled with activities to educate the student body, inspire continued acts of service, and bring a greater awareness to the social needs of greater Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

The week’s events will include:

  • Monday, November 14 | 6 PM | Fireside Room

Home insecurity discussion panel

Andy Bales, CEO, Union Rescue Mission

Raymond Beaty, We Love Our City

Keith Obilana, Pepperdine Microenterprise Program

Rich Little, former preacher, advocate for the issue of home insecurity

  • Tuesday, November  15 | 12 Noon | PC 188

VITA tax assistance presentation

Partnering with United Way Ventura

  • Tuesday, November  15 | 7 PM | PC 188

Just Eat It screening and discussion

Partnering with Food Recovery Network

  • Wednesday, November  16 | 6 PM | Fireside Room

Hunger Banquet

World hunger simulation (House Cup event)

Salvation Army Shopping Spree

  • Thursday, November  17 | 7 PM | PC 188

Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus screening and discussion

Sponsored by No Lost Generation

At the mid-week Hunger Banquet, students are given a card detailing the story of a real person of either a high-income group, middle-income group, or a low-income group, with the purpose of demonstrating how each group experiences dinner. Throughout the meal, students learn statistics and anecdotes about hunger and poverty on a local and global scale.

House Cup events are a series of competition challenges for Seaver College freshman living on campus. Participation in the Hunger Banquet is one of this year’s designated House Cup events.

The Pepperdine community is invited to close out the week on Saturday, November 19, by attending the Thanksgiving dinner at Union Rescue Mission in Downtown Los Angeles.

Through these events, the PVC hopes to provide spaces for students to reflect and think critically about the issues of hunger and homelessness, and to partake in making a positive impact in ways that match their skillsets—whether through advocacy, education, civic engagement, volunteering, or other socially and ethically sound efforts.

For additional information about National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, visit the PVC website.