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Dear Pepperdine Community Member, 

As you may be aware, you recently received a citation on the Malibu Campus at Pepperdine University. The campus roads and parking lots are patrolled regularly, and citations are issued when vehicles are found unregistered, parked in an unauthorized area, or violative of the University’s regulations or the California Vehicle Code. This enforcement helps keep areas available to the designated community members and bolsters campus safety. Please visit this link to review a complete list of Pepperdine Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations.

A copy of the recent citation is attached to this email which includes details about the time, location, and violation. Every effort is made to issue citations accurately and appropriately. If you believe the citation was issued in error, you may submit an appeal at pepperdine.t2hosted.com. Otherwise, please pay the citation within ten days of receipt. For students, unpaid fines are transferred to the student's account.

Please note appeals will not be considered for the following reasons: unaware of the campus regulation or California Vehicle Code, time of day or night the citation was issued, parked only briefly at the location, there was inclement weather or an extenuating circumstance, a valid permit or pass was positioned in such a way that it was not visible to the officer or the wrong side was facing up, the date stamp was not legible on the pass, someone else was driving or parked your vehicle, or you did not receive the citation.

Your vehicle registration account will need to be free of any pending fines to register a vehicle in the future. Repeated violations will result in progressive penalties, possible disciplinary action, and the revocation of campus parking privileges. 

We welcome your questions at any time at parking@pepperdine.edu. You may also call or visit the Public Safety office during weekday business hours or call (310) 506-4700.

Thank you for your cooperation, 

Public Safety Parking