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Current Students: Getting Started

Steps for a Successful Job Search

  1. Prepare a resume and cover letter.  Visit with Seaver College Career Center Ambassadors or Industry Specialists to get advice on how to create a resume and cover letter.  The Seaver College Career Center has partnered with VMock Inc - an artificially intelligent career prep platform.  Upload your resume, receive a score, and get instant feedback about how to improve your document.  For more information, assistance, and tips on building a resume and cover letter, email the Seaver College Career Center to set up an appointment: careerambassador@pepperdine.edu or visit the Career Center Website .
  2. Login to the Handshake website (see instructions below).
  3. Upload your completed resume into Handshake.  Note: all resumes go through an approval process with the Seaver College Career Center once uploaded into Handshake.
  4. Search and apply for jobs (see instructions below).
  5. Review listings daily and respond quickly to positions that you are interested in
  6. Prepare for your interview with the following:
    1. Call to schedule a mock interview with a Career Center Industry Specialist
    2. Access the Career Center Interview Tips page
  7. Follow up with the jobs for which you've applied
  8. Send hand-written thank you cards or letters to the staff that interviewed you

How to Search for Jobs:

  1. Login to your Wavenet homepage
  2. Click on Student Services, which is located on the top-left of your Wavenet homepage
  3. Click on Handshake
  4. You will be directed to the Handshake website
  5. Click on Jobs
  6. For Job Type, select On-campus Student Employment to see all current postings for on-campus student employment
  7. For Off-campus student employment, seek out part-time jobs with the tags "off-campus student employment"
  8. Click Search
  9. Look through each job posting to see if you are interested.  Follow the instructions for each job posting and apply as instructed.  Note that there may be different document requirements for each position. 

Handshake Website:


See Detailed Instructions, for students, on how to create a Handshake account