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Monthly Student Employee Spotlight

Our student employees are doing amazing work throughout the University.  Each month, supervisors have the opportunity to nominate one of their student employees to be feature in the Monthly Supervisor Newsletter as well as be featured on the Student Employment website.

Are you a supervisor who is interested in nominating one of your student employees?  Please email tess.marme@pepperdine.edu to inquire.

February 2020: Student Employee Spotlight

Kimberly Nesper

Kimberly Nesper

Kimberly Nesper is currently studying for her PhD of Global Leadership and Change. Her career goal is to one day be a Foreign Services Officer or Ambassador.

Kimberly says, "I have truly enjoyed working for my supervisor, Sue Funkhouser, and her team in the MSOD department. Everyday in the office, I am greeted by friendly people. The work I do is truly rewarding, as I see students progress through their academic careers."

"Kimi's expertise with excel has increased our efficiency. Her analytic and data crunching skills are utilized by the academic director's research. By working with Kimi collaboratively, we have tackled and completed complex projects. Her attitude is bar-none - cheerful and happy to support and serve in whatever is needed. No task is too small or too large. We are blessed to have her on our team"
- PGBS - Masters of Organizational Development Program Office


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October 2019

Esther Chung

Esther Chung

Esther Chung is a Political Science Major with a Nonprofit Management Minor. Her career goal is to work in an area that focuses on global justice. She works in the Convocation office and she loves her co-workers and supervisors. According to Esther, "They are so encouraging and make work so easy".

"As a production assistant, Esther is the behind the scene wizard who makes Wednesday Chapel happen each week. Her love and passion for organized events, intentional services, and a promptly returned email fuels our ministry. We are so thankful for her love of this campus and commitment to the work of this office!"
- Convocation - Spiritual Life Programs

November 2019

Sydnie Gregor

Sydnie Greger

In Fall 2020, Sydnie will start her Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She then plans to earn her Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology to continue her career in therapy specializing in anxiety and mood disorders in children and teens. She also plans to teach psychology in a collegial setting. She says, "I love the people I work with. I have worked in the financial assistance office since the beginning of my freshman year. Now, as a last semester senior, I feel like the financial aid staff is my family."

"Sydnie has been working with us for her entire 4 year career at Pepperdine. She has taken her position very seriously and successfully trained many of our new incoming student workers. Her vast knowledge of the job and ability to help students and parents though the financial aid process in a calm and clear path is a true example of the Pepperdine way. She will be greatly missed by all of the FA Office staff, student workers and advisors."
- Financial Aid Office


December 2019

Kayley Butler

Kayley Butler

Kayley Butler is a Physics Major with a Sustainability Minor. She aspires to obtain her PhD in Environmental Science and work with the Los Angeles community to prepare a healthier path for future generations. For the past three years she has worked at the Pepperdine Fund helping to educate students and alumni on the importance of giving back and increasing the value of her degree.

Kayley says, she is so grateful to work with supportive people who love Pepperdine and Excel Spreadsheets as much as she does!

"Kayley is being nominated for this honor because she is a hard worker, diligent in every detail - no matter how small - and keeps our office running. Her service oriented nature, leadership, and supervision of the other student employees in our area, as well as her life purpose makes her the ideal Pepperdine student, employee, and champion."
- The Pepperdine Fund