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Why Be a Student Employee?

Based on statistics and current research, the Student Employment office strives daily to prepare students to be both employable and workforce ready by providing high impact employment opportunities during their time in school.


Did you know?

    As of 2017, 4 out of 5 Student Employees believe that their on-campus job has prepared them for the workplace and their future careers.


The Student Employment Office has established learning goals and outcomes for all student employees that we serve:

Student Employment Goals
As part of the co-curriculum, Student Employment seeks to facilitate opportunities for students to gain employment, work experience, and professional skills by:
• Providing both on and off campus employers with high-quality recruiting tools
• Providing employers with training and best practices related to employing students
• Providing students with resources to aid them in the job search
• Providing students with opportunities for career exploration and real-world experience
• Supporting the development of essential skills including punctuality, dependability, attention to quality, and personal responsibility

Student Employment Student Learning Outcomes
A student who participates in Student Employment programs will learn:

1. Essential Job Skills: Demonstrate essential job skills such as punctuality, dependability, and career responsibility.
2. Calling & Career Exploration and Development: Engage in opportunities for calling and career exploration, resume building, and experience related to possible career path.
3. Life Balance & Time Management: Demonstrate improved time management and life balanced between school, work, and social life.
4. Campus & Community Engagement: Show a positive connection to a multicultural campus and community which results in positive feelings of involvement, connectedness to others, and positive retention rates.


We look forward to serving you as a future Pepperdine University student employee,

The Student Employment Office