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Students serving together at Step Forward Day - Pepperdine University

We are still looking for applicants interested in the following roles (all future applicants must be eligible for work study award):

  • Health & Wellness
  • Civil Rights
  • All Ages and Abilities
  • Environmental Justice

The Pepperdine Volunteer Center seeks students who are passionate about justice and service and want to get in the mess of positive social change. The PVC offers a unique avenue for students to share their passion across Pepperdine.

If you are interested in working the PVC next year, we invite you to complete the application below. Students with Federal Work-Study or Pepperdine Work Program are preferred. If you are not sure whether you have FWS or PWP, please contact your Financial Assistance counselor.

Please explore the job descriptions below to help discern which role is right for you. We would also be happy to talk with you about these opportunities.

Check out for the new and adjusted positions this year: Health & Wellness, Neighbors of future and past, All Abilities and Ages, Civil Rights. 

Student Positions 2018-19

Special Events Team

Special Events Director

The Special Events Director (SED) will design and implement one-time service opportunities including Step Forward Day, Red Cross Blood Drive, MLK National Day of Service, and other opportunities. This position will be expected to begin work in April 2018, to prepare for Step Forward Day (SFD). The SED works closely with the MAC and PSD to build a vision for SFD. In addition, the SED will lead any students who work solely on SFD preparation. This student also plays a key support role in preparations for Project Serve.

The SED position will begin in April 2018 and continue through April 2019.

Project Serve Director

The Project Serve Director (PSD) organizes Pepperdine's spring break service trips, which entails site coordination, Team Leader recruitment, team member recruitment, managing databases of information, and other duties as assigned. During the summer, the PSD evaluates and assesses the previous year's Project Serve trips and identifies any changes in partners, calendars, and curriculum. This student also plays a key role in the planning and execution of Step Forward Day.

The PSD position will begin in May 2018 and continue through April 2019.

Marketing and Awareness Coordinator

Raising awareness on Pepperdine's campus is a challenge for all organizations. Successfully raising awareness of justice issues and events requires a specialized skill set and dedication to teaching others about how to invite others to participate in the great work of the PVC. The Marketing and Awareness Coordinator (MAC) will bring her or his knowledge of social media marketing, experience promoting events, graphic design skills, and willingness to support others in promoting PVC opportunities to the campus. In addition, the MAC works closely with the Special Events Director and Project Serve Director to assist in creating and executing a vision for Step Forward Day and Project Serve in the summer and PVC recruitment in the spring.


The MAC position will begin in May 2018 and continue through April 2019.

Service-Learning Team

Service-Learning Advocate (2 positions)

Students will be trained in effective practices for Service-Learning and will be prepared to assist and partner with faculty members engaged in Service-Learning. Service-Learning Advocates are responsible for maintaining good communication between the Pepperdine Volunteer Center, the professors and students of the classes to which they are assigned, and the community agencies that their classes utilize. Advocates are assigned to multiple classes, and must be able to manage completing priorities. Further, all Advocates must submit a semester-end Quantitative Report for each class and the class reflections. Service-Learning Advocates are selected based on their commitment to service and scholarship, and play a key role in promoting the ethic of service at Seaver College.

Advocates will be peer mentors and faculty assistants in developing students' commitment to social justice through academic Service-Learning.
As a part of the PVC staff, coordinators will attend monthly PVC meetings, monthly work group meetings, work in the PVC a minimum of 5 hours per week plus any additional hours volunteering with partner agencies, attend PVC retreats and training workshops, and report monthly on program and volunteer hours.

Issue Area Teams

Overall Responsibilities and Expectations

The PVC looks to fill teams based on the issue areas and responsibilities. These teams will work together to achieve their goals of positive social change on campus in the our local communities. Over the course of the year each team is expected to:

  1. Coordinate service - Provide a minimum of 4 service opportunities each month.
  2. Lead service projects - Each member of the team is expected to lead one of the service projects each month.
  3. Raise Awareness - Collaborate, plan, and implement awareness activities for the Pepperdine campus based on your issue area. Often this is in the form of an awareness week, for example, The National Week of Hunger and Homelessness in November, or the annual Pepperdine tradition of the Week of Peace, Hope and Justice in January. These events are often in partnership with other departments or student organizations.
  4. Larger engagement - Support and plan at least one larger one-day service or engagement experience each semester.
  5. Organize and involve the Pepperdine Community - Be a catalyst to get others involved in what you are planning through community organizing and marketing methods.
  6. Self-starter - Create your duties and being willing to do them and communicate effectively with others
  7. Team player - Work together and utilize each other's strengths, skills, areas of weakness, and learning styles to achieve these goals and expectations.

Teams Raising Awareness and Coordinating Service Opportunities

All Ages & Abilities (3 positions)

These coordinators value and include older neighbors, and neighbors with diminished learning or developmental capabilities. These students will partner with organizations such as Hand in Hand, Creative Steps, Veterans' Home of California, Malibu Senior Center.

Civil Rights Awareness Team (2 positions)

These coordinators will focus on understanding and sharing the movements that continue to shape the shared rights and privileges of people in the U.S. This team will also explore the intersectionality across issue areas, identifying the complexities of race, gender and sexuality, socioeconomic status, and others. These students will focus less on service opportunities and more on awareness raising on campus.

Campus Immersion Project (3 positions)

These coordinators will dive into communities where RAs and SLAs express a desire to focus their houses on the issue of environmental justice or hunger and homeless through the year. These students may be required to live on campus in these communities and will also partner with organizations such as Mountains Restoration Trust, Green Team, TreePeople or The Kingdom Center, Food Forward, The Dream Center, Union Rescue Mission.

Educational Equity (3 or 4 positions)

These coordinators fight against educational inequities by listening, learning, teaching. These students will partner with organizations such as Jefferson High School (College Connection), LA County Probation and Education (Camp Gonzales, Kilpatrick), School On Wheels, Malibu Community Labor Exchange.

Neighbors of Past and Future (2 positions)

These coordinators will acknowledge and honor the First Nations who were in LA area long before Pepperdine and who are still near us as well as connecting to and supporting our newest neighbors who came here seeking refuge from their homes. These students will seek partners with local organizations to provide opportunities for our students to engage directly with our neighbors.

Health & Wellness (3 positions)

These coordinators understand the importance of physical, emotional, and mental health. These students will be supervised by the Pepperdine Health & Wellness Coordinator, Allie McIntosh, to work on programs across Pepperdine Student Affairs addressing Healthy Campus 2020, the Step Up program, Title IX prevention training, and other initiatives.

Weekly Service Intern

The Weekly Service Intern (WSI) role is essential for helping manage the weekly service opportunities that go out each week. The WSI will focus primarily on the following job responsibilities: Oversee and support all of the weekly service opportunities with guidance from the Assistant Director of the PVC. The WSI also recruits, trains, and leads monthly meetings with Service Leaders. The WSI will also be responsible for building relationships among student organizations and act as a liaison between the Coordinators and organizations. Finally, the WSI will support coordinators by ensuring that all service records of opportunities are kept in order.


Service Leaders and College Connection Leaders

Service Leaders

Each week, the Pepperdine Volunteer Center sends out students to up to 20 service opportunities in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Each service opportunity needs a leader to be a friendly face who meets students, drives a Pepperdine vehicle, acts as a liaison with the organization being served, and engages the volunteers in reflection. From start to finish, Service Leaders represent the passion and heart that drives students to step out into the community and advocate for community development and social justice.

This position is ideal for students who are seeking a leadership position but are able to dedicate no more than 10 hours a month. Service Leaders must be eligible for a work-study award.

College Connection Leaders

CCLs work closely with students in a local under-served high school to support students looking toward college. As a CCL you will serve as a mentor and guide high school students in what is required to fulfill high school graduation requirements, as well as what is needed to be eligible for post secondary education – ranging from trade school to private universities. This position is ideal for students who are seeking a leadership position and have a strong passion for addressing social justice issues.

Student Affairs Intern (Graduate Student)

Program Overview

Student Affairs Interns (SAI) work in meaningful, experiential learning roles within various departments of Student Affairs for nine months (normally from August 1 to May 10) and not exceed an average of 20 hours per week. To allow SAIs to have the best opportunity for success and to make sure they are maintaining healthy, balanced lives, we recommend that all commitments outside the SAI position should not exceed 10 hours per week (including curricular and co-curricular commitments). All SAIs must have a personal faith in Jesus Christ, be actively involved in a local church, and demonstrate support for the Christian mission of the University.

Position Purpose

Student Affairs Interns at Pepperdine University will be provided an opportunity to work outside of the classroom with various functional groups of the University. The SAIs will gain a thorough understanding of their assigned department and the Student Affairs division. The SAIs are responsible for assisting with the creation of a meaningful University experience here at Pepperdine. Additionally SAIs will have access to mentors and be allowed the opportunity to work on variety of projects that can launch a candidate towards full time work in student affairs or ministry. The positions are viewed as campus ministers and educators with a developmental and customer service philosophy. Successful SAIs are committed to helping Pepperdine University students bridge their academic and interpersonal worlds so that they are leading lives of Purpose, Service, and Leadership.

Volunteer Center SAI

The PVC is committed to finding the right fit for our office. We seek graduate students who have experience with community development, justice work, or a demonstrated understanding of key concepts of community organizing, public policy, fundraising, and student development. The specific responsibilities of the role will be adapted to the strengths and desires of the person selected.

More information will be provided after March 1.


Jumpstart is an Early Childhood Education AmeriCorps program. If you are interested in applying to a leadership role or as a Corps member, please click the link below. 

Jumpstart Team Leader

Team Leaders develop a high-quality program at a designated pre-school site through team recruitment, site organization, training and modeling, and the necessary administrative tasks of the site, including record keeping and reporting. Jumpstart Corps member experience strongly preferred.

Jumpstart Program Assistant

Assist with Jumpstart administrative duties including but not limited to maintaining and organizing student files, materials management, and fulfilling requests by the Jumpstart's regional office. Jumpstart Corps member experience preferred.

Jumpstart Community Ambassador

Further enhance the services provided by Jumpstart by designing and implementing resources for Jumpstart families and preschools and assisting Jumpstart teams with family involvement efforts. Conduct research through surveys and meetings to obtain preschool and family feedback and provide one additional resource or service to Jumpstart's preschool partners. Must be conversant in Spanish. Jumpstart Corps member experience preferred.

Jumpstart Program Intern

Support the daily management of a 501(c)3 on campus, Jumpstart for Young Children. Gain valuable experience working in the non-profit field while assisting employee recruitment and hiring, staff development, grant management, and employee morale.
Jumpstart experience preferred. Strong interest in non-profit management and early childhood education required.

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