Project Serve Applications

Project Serve Team Members


Applications for Project Serve 2018 can apply here. Students who transfer to Pepperdine in January or who are abroad in the fall can apply for The Painted Turtle or Conservation Catalina team. The application is an important part of the process in which applicants express their willingness to serve with a variety of organizations doing a variety of amazing work. Applicants should be honest and forthright in the application. All students who apply will be placed on a team.

Selection Process

It is the Volunteer Center's goal to place each student on a team that has the desire to go on Project Serve. With a few exceptions, we have typically been able to accomplish this goal. During the application process each applicant will have the opportunity to rank their project choices.

Due to the high volume of applicants for certain projects, we cannot match all Team Members to their top choices. We strongly encourage applicants to rank all projects in the event that they are not placed on their most desired project. Year after year, those students who commit to Project Serve -- whether they received a top choice or not -- return from one of the best experiences of their lives.

Ranking Each Trip

All students are accepted on project serve. Applicants are asked to rank each trip. A student is only interested in one trip, he or she may indicate that in the application. However, participants that limit themselves to one or two trips have a greater likelihood of not being placed on a Project Serve team of their choice if others are selected for their trip choices before them. While we cannot guarantee that every participant is placed in one of their top choices, we make every effort to do this. Visit here to read about each of the sites.

Team Selection

When building teams we look at a few criteria: good team dynamics, balance of upper and underclassman, men and women, and career goals of applicants. We also consider each individual's experience level and any specialized training or skills they have. Ultimately, we are looking to build teams that can learn and grow together and truly benefit the community they will be serving.

Team Member applicants will not be interviewed.

Site Revelation

All Team Members and Leaders will attend Site Revelation, where they will learn which project they have been matched with. This event includes the first of the 9 mandatory team meetings for each Project Serve team.

The Commitment

We expect that each person selected to serve on a Project Serve team is highly committed during the actual service experience and during pre-service preparation. This includes full involvement in 5 team meetings before Project Serve and 3 post-trip team meetings, Site Revelation, Send-Off, fundraisers, other Project Serve events, and ongoing communication with the Team Leader. Failure to be a full participant may result in the removal of the member from the team.

Questions? Call us at (310) 506-4143 or email or