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Project Serve Sites 2017

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Project Serve 2017 marks the 16th year in a row we have sent students to serve on spring break. This year, once again, we are excited to send students to communities across the United States and internationally to connect and to learn.

Boys & Girls Club Apache Nation

Mentoring Youth in San Carlos, Arizona

Project Serve teams have been partnering with the Boys & Girls Club of the San Carlos Apache Tribe for many years now. The San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in southeastern Arizona was established in 1871 as a sovereign reservation for the Chiricahua Apache tribe. Currently, a devastating 60% of the people within this community live below the poverty line. Team members will have the opportunity to experience a rich and fascinating culture firsthand in a wide variety of meaningful ways. Examples of potential projects include cleaning and organizing the Boys and Girls Club facility, painting murals, facilitating after school projects, and leading seminars for local high school students about the college application process. The team will stay at the Boys & Girls Club.

Fundraising goal: $350

L'Arche Seattle (Great Books)

Inclusive Community in Seattle, Washington

L'Arche Seattle is a part of the worldwide L'Arche movement that seeks to create homes for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. It runs three homes and a day program, where people with and without disabilities share their daily lives in communities of faith and friendship. During Project Service, team members will help out for a day at the Farms and Garden of the L'Arche Tacoma community an hour away. This trip is only available to current Great Books students.

Fundraising Goal: $100

Monteverde Institute

Environmental Sustainability and Community Development in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Participate in a weeklong homestay program where you engage personally with locals who are engaged in sustaining the largest rainforest in North America while supporting the efforts of locals to thrive economically.

Fundraising Goal: $1400


Education in Jinotega, Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, the team will be working in the town of Jinotega, known as the City of Mists for its location deep within the mountains of the coffee producing region.

In the D.R. and Nicaragua, students will work with our longstanding partner, Outreach 360. Their mission is to transform and empower individuals, families, communities, and countries through education. English is a highly sought-after skill in Latin America, and there are too few teachers to meet the need. The team will be living at an Outreach 360 facility and traveling to a nearby school or community center to teach English. No Spanish or teaching experience required.

Fundraising Goal: $1,200


Education in New York, New York

With a population of just over 19 million, 14.2% of New Yorkers have lived below the poverty line since 2009. This team will work with Shiloh NYC, a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to equipping at-risk youth with the tools to build hope. Team members will become a part of a community that will teach, mentor, and befriend the youth to promote their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. The team will partner with a public school in the South Bronx where you will tutor children and support teachers throughout the school week with small projects or reading/math centers. Not only will the team members impact the students, they will also provide much needed support and encouragement to teachers who are often over-worked, under-paid and under-appreciated. They will help to strengthen the bond of the school, the teachers and students building a better community. Lodging is within the community of the South Bronx.

As this is a domestic service opportunity we encourage you to consider a return trip and supporting the ShilohNYC mission be it through a return trip or summer work at the camp that is run for the same children of the South Bronx community. Priority will be given to students who are returning or plan on returning as indicated by their applications.

Fundraising Goal: $750

Story International (formerly More Than Compassion)

 Education in Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Guatemala ranks in the lower 25% in GDP per capita in the world with an estimated 54% of its population below the poverty line (2011). Story International (formerly More Than Compassion) strives to meet the education needs in Huehuetenango with a special emphasis on the orphans and single parent families in the community. Students will split their time between the children's homes and schools onsite, offering assistance to teachers and providing ways to support the needs of the students.

Fundraising Goal: $1,300

Surfing the Nations

Hunger and Homelessness on O'ahu, Hawai'i

Surfing the Nations (STN) has the motto is "Surfers Giving Back." Surfers lead the way, but anyone who is willing and able is encouraged to join. Their mission is to see lives changed inside and outside of the organization with a focus on hunger and homelessness and at-risk youth. Hawaii, the state with the 3rd highest rate of homelessness, has 10.4% of its residents living in poverty and 14% of experiencing food insecurity. STN is doing remarkable work in Wahiawa to give hope to those in need. Team members will participate by sorting donated goods, rehabilitating a lake, and distributing food to the needy and homeless.

Fundraising Goal: $750

Union Gospel Mission

Hunger and Homelessness in Seattle, Washington

Made famous by its music and coffee, Seattle is a city rich in cultural diversity. However, many don't recognize that Washington's King County has up to 8,000 homeless people on any given night. Of those served by food banks in Seattle, 25% are families with children. The team will work with Union Gospel Mission, an organization providing programs for drug recovery, transitional housing, educational and career resources. Their mission is "To serve, rescue, and transform those in greatest need through the grace of Jesus Christ." The team will prepare and serve meals and help around the facility as needed.

Fundraising Goal: $450

Voice of the Refugees

Refugee Services in Anaheim, California

Voices of Refugees is a Christian organization "established to help those in our refugee community re-start their lives here in America knowing they have some brothers and sisters here to help them in their new journey." VOR is located in an area that has become known as Little Arabia. Students will be able to immerse themselves in the cultures of North Africa and the Middle East only 53 miles from campus. The team will help with English classes, new home preparation and moving, sorting and providing food, and getting to know the amazing people seeking asylum in the United States. This is a great opportunity to act on one of the most pressing humanitarian crises of our time by following Jesus' model.

Fundraising Goal: $200

Steinbruck Center

Hunger and Homelessness in Washington, DC

The Steinbruck Center is a ministry of Luther Place Memorial Church that will provide a transformative urban immersion experience for this Project Serve team through a combination of education, direct service, experiential learning, critical analysis, and reflection. Your social justice journey will be assisted through opportunities and spaces for meaningful service and mutual transformation. Just like the mission of Project Serve, Steinbruck Center seeks to inspire participants to engage in self-reflection and become agents of change to address root causes of poverty in your home communities.

Fundraising Goal: $750

World Hunger Relief Farm

Holistic Ministry and Sustainable Farming Practices in Waco, TX

World Hunger Relief, Inc. will challenge you to get your hands dirty and connect to God's creation in a way that most of us "city folk" have never done. WHRI trains individuals in holistic ministry that equips them to work with communities in developing sustainable farming techniques. In addition, this team will be challenged to live simply during this week and beyond while helping those who struggle to meet their basic needs by sharing and investing in others what God has given to us.

Fundraising Goal: $750

Neighborhood Transformation (SpringBreak@Pepperdine)

Wholistic Ministry Training right here on Campus

For the first time, the Project Serve program will include an opportunity for students and community members on Pepperdine's campus. 

Neighborhood Transformation (NT) focuses on urban USA settings. Neighborhood Transformation trains church leadership and lay people how to enter urban poor local neighborhoods in the USA to develop relationships and identify assets already found in the neighborhood in individuals and groups. Building on these assets, the goal is to see the gospel bring true poverty alleviation over time. NT ultimately addresses the root causes of poverty, disease, and spiritual darkness by training neighborhood individuals to take more responsibility for their own lives and neighborhood. When implemented, neighborhoods gain the capacity to identify and solve problems, and then determine and implement sustainable solutions utilizing appropriate technologies. Vital biblical faith is nurtured at every step.

Two-Day Vision Seminar for International Community Health Evangelism: Monday and Tuesday, February 27 and 28, 2017

This opportunity is available for students who are not on the Malibu campus during the fall and is open to interested community members and church leaders.

Price: $50 for first 2 days

The Painted Turtle

Camp Counselor for kids with serious medical conditions in Lake Hughes, California

All children deserve a chance to be a kid at camp. The Painted Turtle makes sure this happens through their incredible camp grounds in Lake Hughes north of Los Angeles. With top notch medical facilities and personnel, the Project Serve team can work with the campers on arts and crafts, fishing, and other traditional camp activities. This opportunity is only a three-and-a-half-day commitment from Friday afternoon, February 24 to 27, 2017.

Open to students who are not on the Malibu campus for fall as well as though who are.

Fundraising Goal: $30