Step Forward Day is about our community

Keck First Year Seminar class with Mountain Restoration Trust - photo by Dr. Stephen DavisKeck First Year Seminar class with Mountain Restoration Trust


On Step Forward Day 2013, 65 nonprofit organizations, schools, churches and parks hosted a Pepperdine group. More than 1,600 students, staff, faculty, alumni, family, and friends served more than 4,800 hours in Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Thank you to all of our Community Partners for involving us in the great things you do. Now we're gearing up for the 26th year! Please read below to register your organization.

Step Forward Day 2014 will be September 6

We’d love to partner with you in September. Please complete this Google form. You can also email or call (310) 506-4143 for more information. If you already have a project in mind, please complete the forms below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Step Forward Day partner?

We invite nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and parks to become a partner work site. If you can use a group of at least eight and have enough work for three to four hours, we would like to hear from you.

How long will a group be at our site?

The group will arrive between 8:30 and 9 a.m. and work until close to noon. We can confirm more specific times as the event comes closer. The most successful projects usually have plenty for the group to do the entire time.

Step Forward Day

As a partner, what do we need to do?

We ask that you provide any supplies needed for the group to complete their project. Please assign a representative from your organization to meet the group on the Saturday morning of Step Forward Day. This person will welcome the group and introduce the organization and before setting them to work. He or she will need to stay at the work site through the day.

What kinds of projects could a Pepperdine Step Forward Team do?

Let us interact!

Projects that involve our student volunteers directly with the people that your organization serves tend to be both rewarding and successful. Sample projects include:

  • hosting a sports camp with Pepperdine student-athletes;
  • playing games and facilitating and participating in activities;
  • preparing and serving a meal;
  • making cards and writing notes to leave for your residents or participants;
  • letting our students talk and share life experiences with the people you serve.
Let us clean!

We can assist you by cleaning your facility. Projects often include scrubbing, sweeping, dusting, and window washing.

Let us do yard work!

We can work outside with a variety of projects, including weeding, raking, planting, watering, clearing, cleaning outdoor facilities, picking up trash, and sweeping outdoor areas.

Let us touch-up!

If your facility needs touch-up, repair, or maintenance work, we can participate in projects such as sanding, painting, decorating, assembling furniture, and small fixes.

Let us organize and plan!

Office, facility, or storage organization projects could include organizing classrooms, rearranging storage or supply areas, setting up an organized storage system, sorting files, labeling, project planning, project set-up, preparing supplies for upcoming events (e.g., stuffing back-to-school backpacks, setting up tables), and sorting food products.

2014 Forms for Community Partners

The first 3 forms below should be emailed The Work Site Request Form can also be completed online here.

  1. Work Site Request Form  or online
  2. PVC Liability Release form
  3. Pepperdine Athletics Promotional Activity form (necessary to send one of Pepperdine's athletic teams to your organization)
  4. Ideas for Service Projects sheet
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