Education and Literacy

Education and Literacy programs work with youth and English language learners in the community. These programs work closely with learners in tutoring capacities. Commitment to multiple events is highly recommended.

Juvenile Probation Camps

Pepperdine volunteers have been working with the juvenile probation camps in the Malibu Hills for many years. Students interested in working with the youth at camps must be cleared by the Los Angeles County Probation Department. If you are interested, please contact the Education and Literacy Camps Specialists, Isabela Cornavaca and Hayley Rothballer.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring individuals can be one of the best ways to help people take next steps. In order to make a significant impact, however, tutors should be willing to commit multiple visits to work with the person tutored. Program partners include Malibu Community Labor Exchange, America Reads, and School on Wheels. For more information, please contact the Education and Literacy Tutoring Specialist, Alison Barragan.