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Beyond the Voting Booth

You know what to vote for. You know who to vote for. But one vote can feel so small. Is there a way to have an impact beyond your single vote? The answer is yes! Become part of a grassroots movement by joining the social network for elections at Open Campaign. Motivate your fellow students by hosting a facilitated, civil conversation about politics through Talk, Text, Vote. Join the debate at iLobby. Campaign for the candidate of your choice from the comfort of your home through changepolitics.org. Stay tuned to this site where we'll be updating opportunities through the November Elections!

Now that you are registered, informed, and hopefully enthused, you may want to organize something on campus around any of these ideas. Help is available. Email Ashley Trim at the Davenport Institute to see how you can turn your ideas into momentum on the Pepperdine Campus!

Text, Talk, Vote for 2016 Elections