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Alumni Leadership Council

Founded in 2006, the Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) represents the 97,000 members of the Pepperdine Alumni Association, representing the five schools of the University in addition to George Pepperdine College and other historical schools. The ALC members are nominated by Pepperdine's executive leadership to serve as ambassadors for the University and advisers for alumni communications and engagement strategies. The mission and vision statements guide the council's service to the University and the alumni association.

2017-18 Alumni Leadership Council

ALC is led by an executive committee, including a president who shapes each year's agenda, coordinates committee efforts, and liaises with University staff. We are grateful to our dedicated members, listed below.

For more information on the ALC and its work strengthening the connection between our alumni constituents and their alma mater, please contact us at alumni@pepperdine.edu or 310.506.6190.

Executive Committee


Don Goodwin ('01, MBA '08)

Seaver College & Graziadio Business School
Don Goodwin Email Address
Don Goodwin LinkedIn Profile

Vice President, Membership Chair

David Johnson ('92, MIB '94)

Seaver College & Graziadio Business School
David Johnson Email Address
David Johnson LinkedIn Profile


Committee Chairs

Graduate School of Education and Psychology Committee Co-chairs

Denise Berger (EdD '13)

Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Denise Berger LinkedIn Profile

Jasmeet Bhullar (MA '14)

Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Jasmeet Bhullar LinkedIn Profile

Graziadio Business School Committee Co-chairs

Darren Pitts (MBA '95)

Graziadio Business School
Darren Pitts LinkedIn Profile

Lori D. Heffelfinger (MSOD '97)

Graziadio Business School
Lori D. Heffelfinger LinkedIn Profile

School of Law Committee Co-chairs

Jessica Freitas ('13, JD '17)

Seaver College & School of Law
Jessica Freitas LinkedIn Profile

Kelsey E. Morris (JD '11)

School of Law
Kelsey E. Morris LinkedIn Profile

School of Public Policy Committee Co-chairs

Jason Pates ('95, MPP '99)

School of Public Policy
Jason Pates LinkedIn Profile

Evelyn Aleman (MPP '00)

School of Public Policy
Evelyn Aleman LinkedIn Profile

Seaver College Committee Co-chairs

Brandon Millan ('07)

Seaver College

Lisa Mitchell ('95)

Seaver College
Lisa Mitchell LinkedIn Profile


Council Members

Ronald Bruno (MBA '09)

Graziadio Business School
Ronald Bruno LinkedIn Profile

Tod Burnett (EdD '05)

Graziadio School of Education and Psychology
Tod Burnett LinkedIn Profile

Jennifer Cannon (MBA '08)

Graziadio Business School
Jennifer Cannon LinkedIn Profile

Yeshiva Davis (MA '09)

Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Yeshiva Davis LinkedIn Profile

Susan Giboney ('62)

George Pepperdine College
Susan Giboney LinkedIn Profile

Karleton Helfer (BS '96)

Graziadio Business School
Karleton Helfer LinkedIn Profile

William Kellogg (JD '16)

School of Law
William Kellogg LinkedIn Profile

Beverley Royster ('65)

George Pepperdine College
Beverly Royster LinkedIn Profile

Jeremy Shatzer (JD '09)

School of Law

Michael Sprague ('04, MSOD '16)

Seaver College & Graziadio Business School
Michael Sprague LinkedIn Profile

Eric Yomantas ('12)

Seaver College
Eric Yomantas LinkedIn Profile


Adjunct Members

Makeisa Gaines (MS '03, EdD '17)

Graduate School of Education & Psychology
Makeisa Gaines LinkedIn Profile

Ruby Kumar (MS '10, MBA '11)

Graziadio Business School
Ruby Kumar LinkedIn Profile

Natalie Medvedev (MPP '16)

School of Public Policy
Natalie Medvedev LinkedIn Profile

Jamin S. Soderstrom ('02, JD '08)

Seaver College & School of Law
LinkedIn Profile

Alicia Weintraub (MPP '02)

School of Public Policy
Alicia Weintraub LinkedIn Profile

Aaron White (JD '09)

School of Law
Aaron White LinkedIn Profile