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Beth Kirchner (‘08)

Beth Kirchner

Beth Kirchner ('08) lives out the Pepperdine mission as a volunteer with Mercy Ships. Working as a kindergarten teacher to crew members' families, she is currently onboard the Africa Mercy, which is the largest civilian hospital ship in the World. Mercy Ships' mission is to bring hope and healing to the World's forgotten poor and that is done by providing free surgical care to those who desperately need it, primarily in West African countries. One of the reasons she loves working with Mercy Ships is because they are all working for the same purpose... to provide hope and healing.

Beth shared, "I serve because, as a child of God, that is what I have been called to do. Jesus served those around him, so that's what I want to do as well... I feel so privileged to serve others by doing what I love."


To volunteer or find out more information about Mercy Ships and the work others like Beth are doing, visit www.mercyships.org