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BJ Caldwell support our fort

BJ Caldwell (‘07)

BJ Caldwell is showing Fort Worth, TX frontline and essential workers how much they are appreciated by an entire community.

Beth Kirchner

Beth Kirchner (‘08)

Beth Kirchner (‘08) lives out the Pepperdine mission as a volunteer with Mercy Ships.

Los Cerros High School Facebook Parent Frame

Mallory Bockwoldt ('16)

Mallory Bockwoldt ('16) designed a customized Facebook Parent frame for parents of students at Los Cerros Middle School in Danville, California.


Derek Sedam ('09)

Alumnus Derek Sedam ('09) is undraising for a critical access rural hospital in Pullman, WA. So far the hospital foundation was able to provide over $500,000 in relief, and our community has come together to donate over $500,000 additional dollars to our COVID-19 Pullman Regional Hospital Fund.


Sarah Lipps ('13)

Alumna Sarah Lipps ('13) owns an acai bowl shop, BARE Bowls in Palo Alto, Ca. She has been serving healthy and tasty food to over 600 healthcare professionals at local hospitals

Carrie Birmingham and students in a Zoom meeting

Carrie Birmingham

Led by professors Carrie Birmingham and Elizabeth Yomantas, two classes of Seaver College teacher education students created a YouTube channel to help children who are learning at home.

Tami Barnett ('99)

Tami Barnett ('99, JD '02)

Pepperdine alumna, Tami Barnett, shares how a nonprofit she co-founded has been supporting children in foster care amdist the pandemic.

Shay Temas ('13)

Shay Temas ('13)

Read how Seave College alumna, Shay Temas, is keeping the spirit of "freely ye received, freely give" alive.

Nick ('08) and Vanessa Porter ('09)

Nick ('08) and Vanessa ('09) Porter

Seaver College alumni Nick and Vanessa Porter share how their company is helping COVID-19 relief efforts.

Kim Leung ('14)

Kim Leung ('14)

Learn how Seaver College alumna Kim Leung is making a difference in her community.

Kayla Ferguson ('12)

Kayla Ferguson ('12)

Seaver College alumna and owner of The Same Plate, Kayla Ferguson, shares how she is helping support healthcare workers in her community.

Megan McCord ('08)

Megan McCord ('08)

Megan McCord, Seaver College alumna, shares how Pepperdine helped her answer the call of service during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jean Hartley ('16) wearing a mask

Jean Hartley ('16)

Learn how COVID-19 has impacted Pepperdine alumna Jean Hartley, an ICU nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Alison Rash ('01, EdD '05) painting

Alison Rash ('01, EdD '05)

Seaver College alumna, Alison Rash, shares how her paintings have helped communities ravaged by COVID-19.

Nicole Flowers ('04)

Nicole Flowers ('04)

Seaver College alumna, Nicole Flowers, shares how she is supporting her community amongst COVID-19.